Prone Jackknives

Today, I did prone jackknives on a stability ball and DIDN’T FALL OFF.

I managed to do two sets of 10 ( in a two round set with step ups) without coming off the damned thing onto the floor in front of the ridiculously good looking guy who was doing lat pulldowns, not far away. I even managed to do 10 reps instead of the required 8 because I forgot and did two extra reps (doh…).

I had to use a gynormous stability ball that came to my waist, because all the little ones were taken, so instead of hands on the floor, I used a window ledge. My arms wouldn’t have reached the floor properly, and I so woulda faceplanted on the rubberized matting.

Oh so attractive, and kinda ouchy, really. So I avoided that. Yeah.

I was ready to tackle them, but was nervous, since I had never even heard of a prone jackknife before two days ago when I wrote out the first stage of my new gym plan in my Moleskine. I’m game to try stuff, everyone knows that, I just didn’t want to do the gym dork thing in front of people who look like they have their &^*% together in the weight room. Self-conscious, maybe, but there it is.

This was day ONE (Uno?) of my new training plan. The hardest set? 15 pushups, followed by 15 rep seated rows, x 2 (I did standing rows with barbell since the cable machines were all taken). Sweaty, drippy mess at the end, and every pushup sucked (read the word sucked, channeling Cookie Monster, like this: “suuuuu-uuuuuucked”).

So, for those curious cats out there, here is a prone jackknife. (Note: I do not look near this co-ordinated or effortless. grunts and wobbles are a required part of the rep, in my case. Heh.)

So, if you were walking on Spark’s St around 7:15 am and saw a crazy girl propped on the window ledge rolling a bouncy ball the same size as herself back and forth with her legs, that was me. My abs are now jello. Brushing my hair in the change room made my belly do a Father Christmas dance and I swore my arms were going to fall off at the shoulder.

But… At least I did no faceplants, falls, or otherwise damaging things to my person today, and I was awake in time to get to the bus leisurely (dressed like a hobo with extra layers and a massive backpack to lug all my gym *&^%) and calmly.

Progress? Good Lord… I think so.


3 thoughts on “Prone Jackknives

  1. Chantal October 10, 2013 / 11:09 am

    OMG your doing the first set of exercises from NROLFW! I haven’t done any of those (I was at the 4th set of exercises when I hurt my back) in over a month. Your writing about it made me get weepy. I want to try again. I will get myself back in shape to start again soon! I remember conquering the prone jackknife. I missed it when it was off my routine. But now that my chiro and physio both say no crunches for me, I will just substitute the prone jackknife. 🙂 YAY. Good job!

  2. Sabby October 10, 2013 / 2:12 pm

    I am! A few people recommended te book, and I bought it, and am giving it a try. My husband is dubious, I think, but if I can get through the seven stages and come out the other side in better shape, then WOOT! It is also a big commitment which may give me the motivation I need to keep going. One doubt was the length of the workouts are short, so I add in my physio exercises and some flush out cardio at the end.

    I really didn’t find the jackknife much fun, but hey, give it a few workouts and I may change my mind.

  3. Dr. Myo Nwe October 22, 2013 / 12:10 pm

    Hi Sabby. I just found your blog today. Health motivation is truly contagious, so thanks for posting! I’m sure you are helping more people than just yourself with this blog.

    Anyways, I wanted to let you know that if you get bored with your current routine, check out

    Thanks again and good luck!

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