Lunch Bags

Good lord, did I really do my last post on August 23rd?

Someone needs come over here and kick my %^& to write more. No, I need a weekend away from my family to recharge the Introvert batteries and get some Mojo back. As much as I love them, I need a break. I would even be amenable to a day. At Le Nordik. By myself.

Right… Who am I kidding?

I have been so incredibly, overly busy that stuff just had to give, and sadly, this gives. Also? I was having a hard time coming up with fun and exciting things to say on here, and nothing has inspired me to post photos lately.

*sigh* I’m just not much fun, it seems. Being in pain and being busy makes my world fall apart, yo.

School starts this week, we had a great long weekend with family, and a mountain of laundry I am currently ignoring. I am calling it a win if we get my son off to school tomorrow with matching socks, and we get no calls from the office for the two days he is there this week.

I know we are going to get the sideways look of “Why does your son not have all-new everything?” when he goes back with clothes he wore *gasp* last year, no new rainboots (He still fits the ones he has), and thrifted jackets. Travesty, I tell you. I did relent and buy him an Iron Man lunch bag to replace the Avent breast pump bag he decided he wanted to use last year (cue absolute embarrassment by me, and questions from staff of whether or not we were desperately poor, or intent on giving our son a complex).

He said he liked Iron Man because he was yellow and red and could fly. I said “Mommy does too, dear. Mommy certainly does.” he replied with “Because he can fly, Mommy?” and I said “Sure… We’ll go with that, dear *snort*.”

Don’t judge me. There were no Thor or Captain America ones, so I’ll go for the next best thing… A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. Right.

*ahem* anywho… News on my hip and foot. Good and bad.

I am now in week four of my physio, and have been cleared for further strength exercises. I have a wee routine involving bridges, leg lifts of varying degrees of repose, tree pose, and now, awesome wall sits. I am also cleared to do some lifting, but upper body only, no squats or deadlifts or stuff that loads my hip up with weight. I am to try some weights, and if there is pain, I have to leave off for a bit longer.

So my daily dose of rehab exercise now looks like this:

  • walking (to and fro bus), Approximately 3km a day
  • 3 x 10-5 second bridge with exercise ball between knees (SQUEEZE!)
  • 3 x 10 side leg lifts on each leg
  • 3 x 10 lower leg inner abductor lift – Left leg only
  • 3 x 10 lower leg outer abductor lift – Left leg only
  • 3 minutes tree pose left leg only (at the physiotherapist, I do this on a piece of dense foam… Wobbly!)
  • 3 minute wobble board stand (I can use a BOSU ball at the gym, otherwise I leave this one for physio visits)
  • 3 x 10 modified pistol squat on step – Left leg only
  • 3 minute wall sit – 10 seconds 90 degrees bend in knee, 10 seconds 45 degrees bend in knee, repeat for entire length
  • 2 x 30 second from toes plank
  • 5 x 30 second IT band stretch – Left leg only
  • 5 x 30 crossed leg side stretch – Left leg only
  • 3 minute hamstring stretch – Left leg only
  • repeat 1 x all IT band stretches on right
  • Rolling/massage as necessary

Did you know that the native stopwatch on the iPhone doesn’t do seconds? I didn’t know this until I went to use it to time my reps. Yeah… Now, to be fair, there are a bazillion apps out there that do, but I’m picky. I need a good egg timer I can whack when the “BEREEP BEREEP” goes off at the end of a set, or a Gymboss I can clip to my person. Fussing with the ^&*% phone isn’t ideal.

The goal with this routine is to address an imbalance in my legs, and strengthen the muscles in my hip to prevent further bursitis. Then I can go back to doing exercises on both legs. It feels weird to only do some exercises on one leg. I want to do it on the other leg because hello, symmetry?

I’m not feeling a difference yet. I am still feeling pain in my hip after some stuff, and it still hurts a bit at night. But it is getting better. X-rays show no horrible defect, so I’m in the clear on my hip. I did just really, really hurt this hip. This is not a simply rest and then a few weeks of modification kind of injury. I *^&%ed myself up but good.

Not so much on my right foot. That is another story. One I’m really trying hard not to be upset about.

I do not have any stress fractures. Metatarsalgia, for sure, but nothing that will require an air cast. What I do have is osteoarthritis (duh…) but it has advanced quite a bit, especially in the big toe joint. Hence the pain getting worse when I do stuff like run or trod about, attempting feats of athleticism.

What does this mean? Well, this pain I have in my toes is not going to go away. I may be able to control it with orthotics and treatments such as ultrasound and acupuncture etc, but it is here to stay. It means I have to try treatments, start running again, and pray that I can manage it.  I am not giving up, I want to explore every option I can… But if nothing works…

Sabby can’t be a runner. It would cause too much damage, and pain.

I know. Crappy.

Hence the not wanting to talk much about it lately. I love running. I miss it like mad right now. It was my Thing. It will suck if I can’t do it anymore. I know there are other things I can do, like cycling, maybe get back on a horse on a regular basis…

So hopefully I am just blowing it out of proportion and all will be ok in a few more weeks. ❤


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