So I am two weeks into my physiotherapy for my hip. It is starting to feel better. Less pinchy pain, less night time aches, no more cane or limp.

This is a good thing. This is a great thing! I am way less grumpy. I think. Maybe. After coffee for sure, at least.

But… I still have a ways to go, and perhaps even longer, once more diagnostics are done (I sound like a car in the shop… haha). I have to schedule x-rays for my hip and my right foot, and I am not starting strength physio exercises yet, as the hip is still sore after simple stretches.

Awesome. I feel as weak as a kitten, and slowly going twitchy from the lack of sweat-induced endorphins. Thank God for Full Moon yoga on Wednesday night. I needed that, even if I had to modify a lot of the poses. Girlfriend time is a necessary activity, and I got to catch up with two great friends this week, one at yoga, and another in the yoga section of a Chapter’s. I feel more balanced emotionally than I have felt for a long time.

I need to remember to do this more often. Both the yoga and the coffee/shopping/friend time.

I have several girlfriends I have not seen in awhile and I want to get together with them soon. I am thinking, once September back to school craziness settles, I am going to send out a gathering call. (You know who you are, ladies, let’s organize something! Ideas, times, dates are all welcome. *whispers* Le Nordik?)

Wednesday’s doctor’s appointment (before the late-night Om) was a good and bad news kind of thing. My doctor was in agreement about the bursitis (but not the fat shaming either, both my physiotherapist and my doctor think he is a total $^%hat, which was nice to hear, since I, of course, had to regale them with the tale) and upon thorough examination of my foot, thinks I have Metatarsalgia, ( and a stress fracture along the inside of the foot, hence the searing pain, stiffness, and leg pain I had two weeks ago. Given the sensitivity I had as he poked and prodded, he thinks it is quite severe fracture, and likely I have been trodding on it for some time. He also indicated that I have a crazy high pain tolerance, since most folks with a stress fracture over a longer period of time would be on crutches by now.

Not me, apparently, I keep running on mine, and walking 3k a day to and fro work. Crazy chit. Looney tune. Stubborn &^$.

Thinking back, I rolled that foot on a pine cone at Tough Mudder way back in May. Since Tough Mudder, I have had on/off foot and leg pain, thinking it a mild strain and resting it appropriately (ice, rest, worry and then denial). A week before my leg pain got really bad, I rolled the same foot funny on a run downtown. After a longer day walking, it does get quite sore, so…

Duh-oh. Sabby can’t ignore it anymore.

Thankfully, the solution for metatarsalgia is proper foot support, and rest. So I have a lovely prescription for gait analysis and orthotics. Once I am cleared for light duty running, I am getting that done. Rather be able to stride fluidily when the expert-dude watches me run and then asks me how I ever made it as far as I did without killing myself. Heh. The bright hope, in that analysis, is that if I do need full blown expensive orthotics, it is benefit covered, AND I would likely be able to move into a neutral runner, which will satisfy my shallow desire for a bright, screamy, flashy shoe. Oh yes… I am aware how ridiculous that sounds. Hah.

So, with all this, the stretches I faithfully do every day, and the upcoming plan for strengthening, I am taking stock of my progress.

I am desperately trying not to get too frustrated that I can’t run, can’t weight train, and most definitely cannot do bootcamps, kettlebells (so much for finishing the awesome class I was taking, through the city), or other such fun cardio/strength workouts. A great friend is teaching a boot camp class in September close to my home, and I started to cry when I found out about it. Every fibre of my being wanted to sign up and go have fun, but it starts in September, and there is no way I will be ready for that level of intensity by then. Maybe October. I am hoping she has success with her first month of classes and we have a nice October and she offers it again.

But I need to heal, and I am getting there. Stubborn as I am, I am really taking the “heal” part to heart, and trying my best to do the right thing. Not easy.


One thought on “Stubborn

  1. Ugh. We should swap hip stories (maybe in a pool at Le Nordik? ;). I’m just trying to get caught up – do you know what’s up with yours? Mine looks like a torn labrum, but the surgery screening didn’t go well (stupid physio told me the wait list was closed, before revealing that she hadn’t noticed my MRI – I wonder what might have been different if she had, hm? Now on a wait list for a surgeon in Kingston).

    So, like anyway – Le Nordik. We should make this happen.

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