So I am two weeks into my physiotherapy for my hip. It is starting to feel better. Less pinchy pain, less night time aches, no more cane or limp.

This is a good thing. This is a great thing! I am way less grumpy. I think. Maybe. After coffee for sure, at least.

But… I still have a ways to go, and perhaps even longer, once more diagnostics are done (I sound like a car in the shop… haha). I have to schedule x-rays for my hip and my right foot, and I am not starting strength physio exercises yet, as the hip is still sore after simple stretches.

Awesome. I feel as weak as a kitten, and slowly going twitchy from the lack of sweat-induced endorphins. Thank God for Full Moon yoga on Wednesday night. I needed that, even if I had to modify a lot of the poses. Girlfriend time is a necessary activity, and I got to catch up with two great friends this week, one at yoga, and another in the yoga section of a Chapter’s. I feel more balanced emotionally than I have felt for a long time.

I need to remember to do this more often. Both the yoga and the coffee/shopping/friend time.

I have several girlfriends I have not seen in awhile and I want to get together with them soon. I am thinking, once September back to school craziness settles, I am going to send out a gathering call. (You know who you are, ladies, let’s organize something! Ideas, times, dates are all welcome. *whispers* Le Nordik?)

Wednesday’s doctor’s appointment (before the late-night Om) was a good and bad news kind of thing. My doctor was in agreement about the bursitis (but not the fat shaming either, both my physiotherapist and my doctor think he is a total $^%hat, which was nice to hear, since I, of course, had to regale them with the tale) and upon thorough examination of my foot, thinks I have Metatarsalgia, ( and a stress fracture along the inside of the foot, hence the searing pain, stiffness, and leg pain I had two weeks ago. Given the sensitivity I had as he poked and prodded, he thinks it is quite severe fracture, and likely I have been trodding on it for some time. He also indicated that I have a crazy high pain tolerance, since most folks with a stress fracture over a longer period of time would be on crutches by now.

Not me, apparently, I keep running on mine, and walking 3k a day to and fro work. Crazy chit. Looney tune. Stubborn &^$.

Thinking back, I rolled that foot on a pine cone at Tough Mudder way back in May. Since Tough Mudder, I have had on/off foot and leg pain, thinking it a mild strain and resting it appropriately (ice, rest, worry and then denial). A week before my leg pain got really bad, I rolled the same foot funny on a run downtown. After a longer day walking, it does get quite sore, so…

Duh-oh. Sabby can’t ignore it anymore.

Thankfully, the solution for metatarsalgia is proper foot support, and rest. So I have a lovely prescription for gait analysis and orthotics. Once I am cleared for light duty running, I am getting that done. Rather be able to stride fluidily when the expert-dude watches me run and then asks me how I ever made it as far as I did without killing myself. Heh. The bright hope, in that analysis, is that if I do need full blown expensive orthotics, it is benefit covered, AND I would likely be able to move into a neutral runner, which will satisfy my shallow desire for a bright, screamy, flashy shoe. Oh yes… I am aware how ridiculous that sounds. Hah.

So, with all this, the stretches I faithfully do every day, and the upcoming plan for strengthening, I am taking stock of my progress.

I am desperately trying not to get too frustrated that I can’t run, can’t weight train, and most definitely cannot do bootcamps, kettlebells (so much for finishing the awesome class I was taking, through the city), or other such fun cardio/strength workouts. A great friend is teaching a boot camp class in September close to my home, and I started to cry when I found out about it. Every fibre of my being wanted to sign up and go have fun, but it starts in September, and there is no way I will be ready for that level of intensity by then. Maybe October. I am hoping she has success with her first month of classes and we have a nice October and she offers it again.

But I need to heal, and I am getting there. Stubborn as I am, I am really taking the “heal” part to heart, and trying my best to do the right thing. Not easy.


One thought on “Stubborn

  1. Sasha August 26, 2013 / 12:53 pm

    Ugh. We should swap hip stories (maybe in a pool at Le Nordik? ;). I’m just trying to get caught up – do you know what’s up with yours? Mine looks like a torn labrum, but the surgery screening didn’t go well (stupid physio told me the wait list was closed, before revealing that she hadn’t noticed my MRI – I wonder what might have been different if she had, hm? Now on a wait list for a surgeon in Kingston).

    So, like anyway – Le Nordik. We should make this happen.

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