Insult to Injury

So… Remember me saying I might be on the injured list soon because my hip is sore? Well…

I am. officially on the DL for a few days, maybe a few weeks. Specifically for running and high impact exercise. I will wait and see if I decide to continue my kettlebell classes. My hip has been very sore since the last class, but we did 1,456,789,345 squats and lunges, so that might have had something to do with it. My glutes hate me, even two days later.

Yesterday, I had to traipse myself to a walk in clinic to get my ear looked at (Eh? Can’t hear so well, laddie… Speak up into this here ear-cone now. What? Pardon?) so I decided to talk to the doc about my hip as well. I’m nothing if not efficient, right? Hah.

Two little bowls of warm water were sluiced into my ear at Niagara force with a Looney Tunes sized plunger thing, and a block of wax came out about the size of a small marble. Wow. No wonder it was hurting, yo.  Immediately I could hear again, and felt a relief of pressure (and I have had no balance issues since). The sun shone and angels sang. It was glorious. The nurse was awesome, and she and I did a high five when the nasty stuff plopped into the bowl I was cradlingramming against my ear to catch the yuck.

It is a strange sensation, having water pressured into your ear, feeling the canal stretch and then hear a physical “pop”, like a cork being pulled.

TMI? Sorry… Anywho, back to the matter at hand (hip?).

In all that wonderfulness, what wasn’t glorious was the doctor’s “discussion” with me about my hip. He asked me where the pain was, I pointed, explained when it hurt, or after what activity, and the history of the pain, how it was now getting worse, not better with rest. He did not ask me to show him range of motion, he did not palpate over the area, nothing. He looked at me and said “Advanced Bursitis.” I nodded. I knew that already, have had bursitis there for years, but it had not started hurting until the past few months, on and off. In my head, I was relieved that he was making a diagnosis that I could understand. But then, he took the crazy train to Rudesville, and displayed such horribly poor “bedside manner” that I was shocked into silence, simply nodding, wanting to leave.

I asked what we could do about it, like physio, specific massage or exercise I needed to do, further examination to ensure it was indeed Trochanter Bursitis… And he shook his head while he wrote on a prescription pad. He looked me up and down when he finished writing (like a skeevy dude at a night club, it felt) and said, I kid you not:

“Well, you’re fat, so losing 50 pounds will help. Also, as a Diabetic, you should not be running. Running is bad enough on its own, but Diabetics should not run. Stop running, and start taking therapeutic Celebrex. Don’t worry, it has no side effects so you can be safe taking it long term.”

As I said, I was a tad shocked. At this point, I realized referral to a sports med doc or physio was not forthcoming, so I simply closed my mouth, nodded, and mutely took the prescription for the nasty, horrible pills I will not take. Five minutes later, I heard him, in the next room, telling another patient to take Celebrex for the migraine the man had come into the clinic about. Uh huh… Right.

So now I will wait for my doctor to come back from vacation, and book with him. At least I know he’ll listen to me, perhaps help me find a good physio place near my home, and not call me “fat”.

Anywho, on the way home, I realized I had not gotten upset about the doctor being so rude and dismissive. I had gotten angry, and a bit, perhaps… Determined by it. I had fully expected to burst into tears! Progress? Maybe. I realized that this man is of no relationship to me, he was the walk in doctor. Will I have to use him again? maybe if my kids get sick, but I don’t ever have to. Will his diagnosis change how I deal with stuff? Nope. Does his opinion of my body matter? Nope.

So yes, likely it is Trochanteric Bursitis ( and Likely I will have to make some hard decisions soon about the types of races I do, and the goals I have. I’m not making any of these until I talk to my doctor. For now, I will rest, take Advil, and continue to work on strengthening #allthemuscles around my hips. A strong core, strong abductors, and strong obliques will prevent injury. Happy IT Bands will prevent irritation.  So hello yoga, weights, and my foam roller.

But… if I got nothing else out of that clinic visit than an uncorked ear, I at least came to this conclusion: I will NOT let that doctor make me feel inadequate. I will not let his advice shape a belief that I cannot run as a Diabetic, or as a woman suffering from a common hip affliction.

I can, and will figure this out. ♥


2 thoughts on “Insult to Injury

  1. Tracy Trottier August 1, 2013 / 12:26 pm

    Good for you! Take the time you need to recover, and ignore that doctor. He is nothing more than a glorified pill pusher, which is what so many of them have become. Chin up. You are a great mom, a spectacular wife and an inspiration to ME to get my arse up and moving again.

  2. Chris Clark August 1, 2013 / 6:46 pm

    I’ve lucked into some wonderful stretches and strengtheners for stiff, sore hips. I was starting to feel bursitis coming on in my left hip (I’ve had chronic bursitis in my shoulder for half my life, so I know what it feels like) and so I played with a few different postures and exercises to work it out. One, foam rolling is a godsend. It’s a bit hard to get it into your hip, took me a few weeks of practice, but when I found the spot it was glorious. Two, when you do hip stretches (straight leg lunges and the like), force yourself to squeeze your legs together while you do it so that you’re activating the muscles along the insides of your legs, and keep your core tight. Hold your stretches while maintaining that flex for 10-15 seconds. You don’t need to flex until you’re blue in the face, just make sure you stay activated so that all those little stabilizer muscles around your hips are working. I started feeling better immediately and completely cleared everything up within two weeks.

    BTW, Celebrex is not side-effect free – gives me heartburn something fierce.

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