Bucket List – Run the Avenue of Giants

This is the fourth in a series of “bucket list” posts. I want to share some of the goals I have for my life, a lot of which involve travel. Some are for just me, some are meant to be shared with my family, and some are meant to be crazy endeavours with the right friends.

I want to hear your stories and dreams too, so share them! And if you have done any of the things I talk about, tell me what it was like! ♥

Bucket List Item – Run the Avenue of Giants Half Marathon

I have always loved forests. The peace and stillness when you are in the heart of a thick stand of trees is unrivaled. The beauty of dappled sunshine, thick carpets of moss and leaves suspends me in awe, and the smells of nature make me happy. I have more than once found myself in a forest, sitting, not realizing that so much time has passed, just soaking in the absolute joy I was experiencing, being in this element.

So… is it any wonder, that when I found out you could run a race through one of the most famous of North American forests, I went “OOOH!” and jumped around a bit? History AND forests plus RUNNING?

Yes please.

I found out through one of my favorite bloggers, whom has disappeared again (Please come back, Liz! http://runfatchickrun.com/2013/05/06/avenue-of-the-giants-2013/), ran a race this year called “The Ave” (http://theave.org/). She ran the Half, and there are shorter distances, a five and 10k, I think. She was pacing her friend to her first 1/2 finish (what a first 1/2!) and as always, had her funny on. The pictures looked incredible, the medals were truly bling-y, and wow… The TREES!

The Ave is short for “the Avenue of Giants”, which is a part of Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California. Some of the most well preserved original stand redwood trees are here, and this is where you see the pictures of the Model T Fords driving through the massive cedar trunks.I think you still can drive through them, but it costs $5, and you have to be driving a smaller car.

Yes… That place. And there is a half marathon there. Uh huh.

There are so many areas of California I want to drink my way through see, so I have no idea how I would fit this into a trip out to the West Coast without visiting other spots, but I think it is do-able. We’d have to spend a couple of days exploring the area to be sure, but running through this area, being able to look up to the tops of those beautiful stands of timber, and connect with the earth in the profound way of running would be incredible, like a big glass of the best Zinfandel the old vines in Sonoma could muster….

Or something like that.

This is not yet scheduled, or planned out… It would be expensive. I would have to save, train, and of course, have people willing to travel all that way with me just for this. I don’t want to do this one solo. That wouldn’t be fun at all! I foresee a girlfriend trip? 40th birthday celebration? Who knows.

Here is a video of the 2012 race!

And a great video explaining the merits of visiting the Humboldt State Park.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avenue_of_the_Giants – Ye olde Wikipedia references

http://www.aveofthegiants.com/ – More info on the actual Avenue


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