I think I may be on the injured list, or about to be.

I was doing fire hydrants at Yoga on the Hill, grimacing in pain as my left hip protested the stretch. You aren’t supposed to grimace during yoga, right? Pigeon hurt like a %^&#er, and any opening of the hip was met with trepidation. I was limping by the time I got back to work.

I realized, right then, that I need to see someone about this damned joint. Rest, stretching, some physio exercises, anti-inflammatories… They aren’t workin’. Subsequently, my right foot and shin are getting stingy sore again. Walking on my right toes hurts, and this morning I could barely flex my ankle down, the strong, tight, stingy feeling travelling up from under my second toe, into my knee on the inside of my shin. Walking to work sucked this morning, yo. Also? I have one ear that is blocked, I can’t hear out of it, my left shoulder hurts, and my right thumb is aching from trying to open my coffee mug this morning to clean it.

Aw, %*&#, man… Gimme a break, yeah?

I did some reading (last night) on foot pain, Diabetes, and joint imbalances. I know there may be a correlation, but I have chalked them up to my training, not my disease. My sugars are mostly under control, right? So it can’t be the disease…

I found this link, which I have verified elsewhere, but is the best explanation. So, I took my blood sugar. I had an ok dinner, followed by a tbsp of peanut butter with chocolate chips rolled across it only an hour before I tested. I figured that might put me a bit high, but not unusually so. Maybe a 10…

17.5. Wow.

So I took it again this morning before eating anything.

10.4. Eep. This is NOT normal for me, folks. Not at all.

I think it may be time to check my levels more frequently again. Last week I felt like crushed dung (maybe I should have been checking then? I am being lax in my self-care), and this week I have been a bit draggy, but more back to normal. Could my disease be rearing its head again? I have to admit, I am a bit scared if this foot pain is associated with the disease. My sugars have been fine when I do check them, but is it enough? Am I still getting worse? Should I have stayed on the Metformin, even though I hated it and it made me feel like a friggin’ yo-yo with hormonal issues, lurched my stomach around, and made other digestive processes really, really unpleasant?

*cue what if’s and nervous speculation on my inadequacies*

And of course, my doctor is on vacation until next month. Great.

On a positive note, I have managed to be active every day this week so far. My kettlebell class felt a bit easier this week, I did not feel like a beaten horse the next day. I think scaling down to the 8kg weight was a smart move until I am more acclimatized to the level of the workouts, and I am ok with that. I can move up when I am ready, no one is forcing me to fling hero weights around! The workouts are hard enough, let me tell you. I am a dripping, soggy, nasty, pukey mess at the end, and there is no endorphin high from it. I am exhausted.

I like the class, and am enjoying it, but if is what my husband feels like after Crossfit, I want no part of that world. Yuck. I can push myself in other ways without the torn skin on my palms, chalk rash (I am slightly allergic to chalk), or DOMS from the underworld.

Our instructor keeps threatening burpees, and I am still trying to figure out a way to politely decline doing them. My hip would likely crack open and I would collapse, one-legged and comatose. Burpees hurt right now.

So today I am going to try a run, tape up my toes and go. Light, taking my time, and if it hurts, I am going to stop. I’m also going to start carrying my test kit around again. *sigh* Time to put my armour back on. If the Diabetes Beast is back, and I have various aches and pains because of it, and I need to get this *^%& figured out.


One thought on “Armouring

  1. sneakypony July 25, 2013 / 4:46 pm

    I’ve had the same concerns about diabetic neuropathy, but my doctor said that that’s not what caused the tingle and pain in my feet. My blood sugars soared at one point this spring, and although they’re now back down to a reasonable level, I was quite concerned.

    He said that neuropathy would take a lot longer to develop (years, not weeks), and while keeping my sugar down to 6 and under is best, the occasional 10 wouldn’t hurt me. It’s when it becomes chronic and climbs higher every week that it’s a huge problem.

    Does your doc have anyone covering for him? Maybe you can get in to see the back up.

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