Frozen Peas

I woke up this morning very, very groggy. I lay in bed, my daughter’s foot draped across my chest, her sleeping squirms rootling through the covers she had pushed off of me in the night, and I blinked. Her other foot was on my forehead. Just as I lifted my head away, she shoved with both feet, launched herself under her father’s pillow, then woke up saying “Mommy! Wake up! Breffest!”. How she can go from hard sleep to up and cheerful makes me wonder if she really is indeed my child.

I was up way too late last night. She slid off the bed, and I lay there a moment more, groaning about the injustices in this world that have me in a house full of morning people.

I went to Full Moon Yoga at Mooney’s Bay, here in Ottawa, last night. It started at 10, ended at 11, and I got home at midnight. I tip-toed into the dark house, re-locked the door, and as quietly as possible, slipped into bed (once I had checked Facebook, email, and updated my statuses, of course). I was pleasantly tired, despite the coffee I had consumed around 9.

It was worth it, being out that late, dragging myself a bit this morning. Time with friends, time focusing on me, and getting in a great stretch. Yesssss. Awesome.

I remember lieing in the grass, on my yoga mat**, listening to the slightly ruffling noise of the tiki torches, the occasional cough, and the silence. I stared up at the trees, feeling grounded, filled, blessed and happy. Various body parts ached, especially my left hip, which seemed to think that being lifted and stretched was cue for “hurt like a *%^&er”. Advil is my friend.

Husband and I looked pretty hilarious this morning. His Spartan Beast DOMS has set in, and I am limping just a little bit from yesterday’s efforts of a 5k walk/run and then yoga. We were pacing around the car to get in, him limping, me limping, both of us grimacing and grunting as we got in. Hah. How can you tell you have a family where mom and dad are active? Day after long run day means peas for dinner, because they were dethawed on various body parts over the course of the day LOL.

But… I am glad to be back to it, even if my right foot, left hip, and brain aren’t (this morning). Tonight? Kettlebells in the rain? Hopefully not. Rain, stay away.

Oh, and husband, can you pick up some frozen peas on your way home? We may need ’em tonight.

**I am never, ever buying another yoga mat other than a Lululemon one. Yes, they are worth the price, I kid you not. Finally got to use it outside for actual yoga last night and the difference between that mat and my cheap, Wally World pink thing is… Well, it is amazing. Simply amazing.

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