Last week, I took a break. Literally. At one point yes, I was hiding under the covers, colouring (I have an app for that…) I did not run, or work out, or anything after Tuesday night.

I was horribly sick on Tuesday night too, after a really tough, hot kettlebell class (they are held outside) that had me seeing spots and sitting for some exercises near the end of the class. Thank God for the electrolytes I had packed and drained on the way home. I think it kept me from real damage, and I did not dehydrate, thankfully.

Heat exhaustion ain’t fun folks. This summer weather we’ve had is nutty. So much rain, goes from cold to hot in a blink… Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

From Wednesday to Friday, I… I was not in a good place, and I hid. So I didn’t write much after Monday’s post. I didn’t want to be negative on my blog, and do the “Woe and Despair” dance that was coursing through my brain, and the effort to research my next bucket list post, or think about anything, was too much. Friday morning, I felt clear-headed again, and said, as I got up “I am through it” and started my day. I have no idea if I was sick, fending off some strange hormone low, or simply burnt out and needing some introvert time. I just felt unbelievably foggy, down, negative, achy, and sleepy.

But I am back now. With some thinking done too. Scary, I know… I do believe sometimes we need to step away from our day to day and take stock of our direction. I got to do that this past week.

On Sunday I realized I had not been running at all, and was palpably missing it. I am also missing simply moving, getting some strength workouts in. I have fallen off the wagon a little bit with regards to my fitness. I can feel it. Pushups are harder again. My stamina at fast cardio is not where it used to be. Don’t even talk to me about burpees *hiss*.

Not having a regular run club right now, not being in a sticky gym, not having the time or energy to just go… It can suck. Sunday I wanted to but was solo parenting while my husband finished off his Trifecta at the Spartan Beast. He’s done now, and really happy with his efforts. I think it also gave him guy time, which is always good. it makes him less cranky.

Now if I can just get him to get onto that “Honey Do” list… Heh…

This week, I hope to get back on the horse, figuratively. I have two and a bit months before my next obstacle race. I am missing every day sweating on purpose (not just standing around, like the weather the past two weeks has provided). So keep me accountable, folks! I want to try and at least do something every day this week. Today is a lunch workout of some sort, and full moon yoga tonight at 10. Tomorrow is kettlebells again, and hopefully it is not as hot. then I have Wednesday yoga at lunch, and runs to fit in on Thursday and Friday, then a long run at some point on the weekend, however, on Sunday, husband has a competition in the morning, so likely I cannot do a long run with friends… again. *grump*

Yes folks… It has happened. He is doing his first Crossfit “comp”. (Crossfit, yo).

You know what is going to happen next… I should really prepare for the “Honey, there is this competition in {insert city}…” and I will have to pull out the “I told you so!”.



One thought on “Breaks

  1. justjosee July 22, 2013 / 10:41 am

    I think these past 2 weeks has been tough on lots of people and it does not surprise me you retreated a bit. BUT, I am really happy you are “back” – almost as happy as I am in the (even if possibly temporary) weather change we had this past weekend. It is forecasted to stick around for this week and I would LOVE to meet up with you for one of your runs! (the Thursday or Friday one, maybe?). I also hope to go out for a run tomorrow… And plan on YOH too. 🙂 Not sure I’ll make any sort of long run this weekend since I am also helping my mom move on Saturday and I suspect that will be physically taxing in itself.

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