First Night

Five years ago right now, I was in a hospital bed, groggy, tired, and a little bit foggy from the masses of drugs I had been administered in the past 24 hours. I was with my friend Sue, we were talking (about pretty much everything), I was hoping for some food, and could not get enough water to drink. My husband had gone home with his parents to have a shower.

Oh, and I was a brand new mom.

Specifically, to my son, who was greedily nursing away, bundled like a blue and white burrito against my side. A most precious football that, of course, with the most obvious of statements, changed our world, on that, the first night of parenthood.

It seems like yesterday, but in that space of time, we have added my daughter, gone through job changes, vehicle changes, ups and downs, and journeys. I started this blog not long after my son was born. Wow.

But, the journey that started that night, five years ago, is the most important one. My children are the real reason I get my ass in gear and run. Yeah, I want to be healthy, I want to be bad@%$, and I want to lose weight. But…

It all revolves back to them. Because I want to be with them on their first night, to celebrate the unbelievable gift that a new life can be, and watch their worlds change too. ❤


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