My entire right leg is complaining this morning. From the top of my foot, all the way up my shin, into my knee. Ow, %$&^. I just have to get through my 5k this coming Monday, and then I can regroup.

Must. Make. It.

Part of me wonders, when I am grimacing and favouring my various aches, if I could ever run longer than 10k, given how my knees and hips are reacting to this level of activity. I feel creaky, and the backbends at yesterday’s yoga on the hill really hurt my hips. Hurt in a bad way, not in a “oh, let’s strrrrretch” kind of way. My knees have been sore, reminiscent of how they used to feel after long days in the saddle. Last night, to sleep, I took two Tylenol, two Advil and applied Tiger Balm to the lower half of my body. My husband would not come near me.

I smelled delightful (not).

Despite the pain, and cringing at the prospect of another race, I keep looking at all these amazing races I want to put on my bucket list. (I must be nuts). They are all half marathons, or relays, obstacle races… That kind of thing. I know, I know… There is that pressure to run further again. I have time, I get that. By this time next year, who knows where I will be at!

But I like dreaming and thinking of crazy challenges and fun destination runs. Call me crazy, but the idea of running (doesn’t matter the length) on every continent sounds like a neat lifetime goal, don’t you think? Or how about an ambitious goal of running a race in every province and territory in Canada? I have Ontario licked, and Quebec. Already have a head start! Heh…

Must start a Pinterest Running Bucket List, and get it off my iPad and onto a forum I can share with y’all.Also? My OCD organization would be satisfied. Right… Hey Husband, what do you think of a trip to Nunavut to run in a race with me? *evil grin*

One of the races I have enthusiastically put to the top of my bucket list is RAGNAR. I would lovelovelove someday to participate in this. Hopefully with friends, wearing crazy costumes, and celebrating together when we cross the finish line.

“Ragna-What?” I hear you saying. Well, go here: http://www.ragnarrelay.com/ragnar and check it out. I’ve seen lots of relay-type races, but this one, well… it looks like the Holy Grail. There is the original road relay RAGNARs, and there is a trail variant. They are US-based, all over the place, and in gorgeous vistas that give you an unforgettable route.

Basically, the deal is this: You get two vans, and find 12 people to form a team (snappy, fun name required). You have 200 miles to cover, running relay-style in roughly 24 hours (yes, you run continuously, overnight!). Each person does a “leg” depending on their level, as long as the 11 minutes per mile average pace is kept (so some runners may run farther than others in their leg, you can map it out beforehand). Costumes are encouraged, van decorations are , I think, almost a requirement. RAINBOWS! UNICORNS! FART JOKES!


The very first Canadian RAGNAR was this year, from Cobourg to Niagara Falls (311k, if you are wondering). http://www.ragnarrelay.com/race/ontario – Wow. Can you imagine running through Toronto along the water, at night? Or running along Lake Ontario through wine country? Here is a brief race report: http://runningmagazine.ca/sections/news/inaugural-canadian-ragnar-relay-attracts-120-teams/.

and here is a great video from RAGNAR HQ: http://youtu.be/5ITE87parWI (for some reason, embedding is not working on my blog, so click the linky-doo)

I am so game to try this. Maybe not next year, since it would have to be planned, saved for, and organized. It takes a lot of dedication, and physical/financial/emotional commitment of 11 other people besides me. Huge undertaking. But, I think, it would be worth it. It would be an incredible experience.

Any takers?


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