Almost There

Every part of me is sore. Not even kidding. My toenails are a tad sore from all the downhill work, my hair hurts from the tight ponytail I had it in.

I wish Body Glide came in an SPF format (does it?). Where I “glided” on the weekend is burnt, because I am a dork and applied it after the sunscreen we luckily found in the back of the car.

I am coming off the weekend ready for a break. Yes, my Spartan recap is coming, I promise! It might be split into two posts, not sure. Let me preface it by saying I absolutely loved it. It was challenging, fun, achievable, and empowering. I’ll fill ya in more, later.

Because of the damn-and-whoa DOMS coursing through my muscles and joints, I am taking a week off completely, this week (save walking to and fro the bus). The past two nights I have tossed and turned in bed, my hip bleating painfully, my IT Bands and knees thumping, and various other muscles tweaking in sympathy.

Ow, ^*&%.

I am almost through the challenge I have set for myself. One more race, a 5k on Canada Day, and I can do a reboot to my training, start fresh and rebuild. The thing is, I was looking online last night for an obstacle race in July or August I could do. (No Husband, I am not signing up for something without talking to you first) I was looking at some races that I wished were coming to my part of Canada like Peeplechase ( or Warrior Dash ( There is a Warrior Dash in July up north of Toronto, but my husband’s Beast is that weekend, I think… Doh…

I have also volunteered with the Mudd, Sweat & Tears folks to promote the Ottawa races as part of their Mudd Mob. is the website, go check it out. Yup, another proudly Canadian operated obstacle/mud race, and I am signed up for the Sept. 28th Urban race here in Ottawa (come do it with me!). So, look for me to mention this one a few times, plus their 5 and 10k OCR on Labour Day weekend, up at Wilderness Tours Resort (I would do this one, but we reserve Labour Day weekend for family activities like camping or beach playing, no exceptions). You may also see me pasting posters up here or there, to spread the word and make the Ottawa races a success! They do have a Crossfit affiliate program for discounts on race fees, fun WOD’s, etc (Crossfit, yo!) so if anyone with eyes on this is part of a box and wants more info, send me a message and I can forward the deal-io to you.

*sheepish mumble* I think I might be hooked.

Next up is my husband’s Spartan Trifecta (Did I mention that I signed him up for all three races as an Anniversary present? Yeah, I’m sweet like that…). He has leg 1 done – the Sprint. Now the Super at the end of this month, and the Beast in July. He did not have as good a race on Saturday as he would have liked, and I think he is a tad worried. He shouldn’t be, he will do fine. I think he was just tired.

Is it bad that I want to sign up for the Super too? I won’t, my body needs some rest, I have to figure out some nagging injuries and an imbalance in my leg muscles (I have an inch difference in the circumference of my calf muscles! O_o). I have to reset, take it easy, and work my way back up to some intensity by September to rock the MST Urban race, and perhaps try another 10k road race to PR.I also need to figure out my food again, because the past month I have been an out-of-control roller coaster of eating. Must get that back under control or my Diabetes Beast will have a field day with me and I will have to go back on the dreaded Metformin.

I have pushed myself in the last month more than I have in a long time. Yet I feel like I haven’t, which sounds weird but it isn’t (waffle much?). I haven’t been weightlifting at all, I have curbed my running during the week to once a week and short… But, I have completed three obstacle course races and a 10k race. In just over a month. Holy Moley… Did I really do that?

So yeah… Pushing it a little, and now almost done. No wonder my runs feel slow and ploddy, and my body weight exercises tough to complete. I think my body is saying “Dude, we need a vacation.” Like to Le Nordik, or perhaps to an RMT for a complete workover…

OI… Almost there. ❤


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