Busses, Fitness, and Rudders

Been a tad busy the past couple of weeks. Who knew having a family and a job and a home and a garden and social life and running in races to motivate my fitness would be so time consuming…

Well we did, but jes’ sayin’…

Life is busy right now. Buuuusy! Take pity on me. Send me a maid, or some wine so the house doesn’t look so messy after a glass or three. Heh. Also, a sitter so I can spend time in the same room as my husband where we aren’t parenting, cooking, cleaning, working, or sleeping.

Thank God we have a sitter for Spartan. We get to spend some quality time together this coming weekend! YAY!

One of the changes of late that makes me feel busier is that I am taking the bus to work every day now. It is exhausting. I am not used to it, and as most of you know, I am an introvert. Being around people that much has been draining on me. I get home and I want to be left alone for a few minutes to recover from the people, overly loud headphone music, drone of the bus, exhaust fumes while juggling a backpack, laptop and whatever else I am packmuling home.

I try to time it so I am home alone for a few before the noise machineschildren descends from the car with my husband. I don’t always get that. Gah…

It is adding 3k of walking into my fitness day though! This is a good thing. I am also considering the odd fitness commute where I bus to a location and then run the rest of the way home. I have a great backpack for it now. It would add in a run when I don’t really have time for a run during my work day. Plus, I can rock the fitness look on the bus, and have people stare at me if I decide to wear my mismatched pink with my bright green pack and bright blue hat (which I have already done). That was fun, yo. I was the weirdo on the bus! Haha!

Being on the bus has given me time to think, and catch up on some podcasts, which is nice. In my pondering, I have discovered I feel a bit rudderless in my “training” since starting the month and a bit of packed-together races. I haven’t been going to the gym regularily, my twice weekly strength workouts are sort of once weekly… But I have kept running, which is good.

It started on May 1st, when I began taper for Tough Mudder. Two weeks after Mudder, I ran the Ottawa Race Weekend 10k. Then a week later was Mud Hero. Now, Spartan Sprint is looming, then two weeks after that is Canada Day and a fun 5k with a friend.

I am glad that 5k is my last race until September. At least, that is what I have decreed… We all know what can happen with me, a credit card, and an idea. Oi.

So to prevent signing up for anything before my Mud, Sweat and Tears 5k obstacle race in September, or to mitigate the impulsive “I can do that!” sign up twitch, I have been thinking about setting up an honest to goodness training plan. For what? Well, that is where it kind of gets fun. It is open ended. I have no distance in mind, not time in mind, no “goal”. I just want to train, focus on simply training, with a few stipulations:

– Increase my long run distance by 1/2 to 1k weekly (or biweekly, depending on how it feels)
– Increase my speed work to 1x per week (track workouts, intervals, FARTLEK, mix it up)
– Do hill repeats once every two weeks
– Get stronger via bodyweight and functional workouts
– Try and put my gym membership on hold until winter

I’ll follow this for awhile until I figure out if it works, tweak it, see if I can increase distance faster, or back off completely. My body will tell me what’s what. Right now, it is telling me it is pissed of at me. I may have a stress fracture in my right foot, my knees have been sore and stiff since Mudder, and my right shin splint nastiness is really, really angry. (Maybe I am pushing myself a wee bit right now? Nahhh… that isn’t it…)

I am hoping to take a week or so off of running after Canada Day, and perhaps focus on some different types of exercise. Take a break. Then, start fresh and new and looking forward with some new places to run, and some different running workouts to try, and my new “plan”.

I am going to try and get the rudder righted, so I can continue gaining strength in my body, and get fitter. That is the overall plan for this year. Simply get fitter, get stronger. Rarr, right?

I’ll get back to you on the Rarr… I need a nap first. ❤


2 thoughts on “Busses, Fitness, and Rudders

  1. Josee June 10, 2013 / 5:51 pm

    Can I partake in your hill training? Concurring that hill near your office is on my to do list for this summer… 🙂

    • Sabby June 10, 2013 / 5:53 pm

      Yes. Of course! Company makes it easier.

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