Hip Deep in the Mud

My left hip hurt when I worked out today. *cue danger music dun-dun-DUNNNNNN*

And by hurt, I mean “OH %^&$, WTF was that? Did my leg just detach from my body?” kind of hurt. Funnily enough, I tried a quick jog to loosen up after the seizure inducing pain hit, and that felt fine. Just don’t ask me to get up and down from chairs, do squats, lunges, or anything involving a 90 degree angle in my hip joint. This will make me fall jarringly akimbo on the floor, screaming and clutching my hip like a fake-tripped soccer player.

Also? Doing plank from toes today hurt like a %^&$er and I was only able to do 30 seconds. Tonight, I am going to try some Pigeon to see if my scream can actually get high enough to break glass. We need a new front window. “I have no idea, Mr. Landlord, it just spontaneously shattered!”. A girl can dream, right?

What this boils down to is I really, really don’t want to have to go get it looked at or take time off until middle June. I have two more mud/obstacle races to wade through, being Mud Hero this weekend (http://mudhero.com/en-us/findanevent/eventottawa.aspx), and then two weeks to the Spartan Sprint Ottawa.¬† So I am a) Google-Fuing my symptoms (always a good idea), and b) pretending I can work through it, and it is residual stiffness from yon 10k just ran with glory.

After some searching, I have decided I do not need a hip replacement yet, and amputation is unnecessary. Focusing on the actual area of pain points to Greater Trocanter issues, like bursitis (not completely impossible, I do have arthritis in various places), or even an overuse strain. Great. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_trochanteric_pain_syndrome – An indication that tight IT bands can make it worse, and that strengthening #alltheabductors might help. This makes sense, since I know my IT bands and hip flexors get hella tioght after long runs. Fuel for my just-stiffness theory, except for the piercing pain part. That’s new. Joy.

So, once the pain has subsided from “Mother-of-God-that-hurts” to “I’m-really-just-pretending-to-be-Quasimodo”, here come the squats, deadlifts, resistance band leg lifts, and adding some sets on those abductor machine-thingies where making eye contact with anyone while doing reps is humorous and awkward. (You know what I mean, don’t look at me like that). Those are the days you wear black leggings to the gym, because no one needs to see all the places where you sweat, right?


All this was perpetuated by hefting back to the gym today for the first time in a few weeks. I went just before Mudder, and haven’t gone back, preferring to be outside for light workouts between races, and resting. Way to use that membership, right? I decided today I would go and do a quick half hour workout, use the sauna, have a shower since I did not get to during this morning’s circus of crazy that was getting out the door.

We seriously need to be more organized in the mornings. Guh.

I did 10 burpees today before my hip said “Are you ^&$%ing mad? That HURTS!” and I stopped (which I wasn’t sad about, I HATE burpees). I have to work my way up to 30 burpees in a set by Spartan, so I know I can at least complete the penance for failed obstacles without dieing when I compete in the Sprint. Because, y’all, there is no way I am ready to climb up a mud-covered rope to ring a %^&*ing bell. I am hoping they don’t mind if I do a straight burpee, not a push up burpee, because if I have to add in the push up, we’re gonna be there all day.

Burpee, burpee, burpee… %^&$. Let’s just hope my hip feels better by then, eh?


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