Rain, Pain, and Support

I talk about my period today in this post. So, you’ve been warned.

You know you are in more pain than you can handle when you are curled up in the bathroom, crying, holding your head, after two days of on-and-off pain. You know you are desperate for relief when you have your husband dig through the medicine cabinet for the morphine you squirreled away after having your first child.

Half a morphine and I am out like a Looney Tunes character who’s just been conked by an anvil.

I’m a lightweight, it seems.

You know you are looking for some sort of distraction when you sit down to write a blog post, even though the pain of looking at a screen sucks. Because lying in a darkened room is Just. Not. Cutting. It. Anymore.

You know that you need to rebalance your karma when the weather and your period coincide on the same day and your body freaks the &^%$ out.

Yup. Welcome to my world this week.

I have watched my Facebook feed explode with friends going “Ack! Headache! Go away!” and I commiserate. The weather this week has sucked. We need the rain (hubs seeded the front lawn, rain please!!!) and I am ok with the humidity, I suppose.

But I have a race to run this weekend, kids to love, a husband to support as he stresses over his job big time (not bad stress, just the usual stress of new job meets learning curve + goals and demands), and a house that needs a cursory sweep. So a break from the pain in my head can %$#& right off now, mm’kay? The cramps that are reminiscent of my brief stint having contractions when I was induced can take a looong walk off a short pier.

Ok. Enough complaining. Yeesh.

Last night I was able to get out and have a lovely chat with a friend, do some shopping. My head was in agony by the time I got home (thank you overly-perfumy lady at Wal-Mart and the thunderstorm that hit just after I got home) but I did score a pair of CW-X ventilator shorts on clearance while picking up fuel belt bottles for my husband.

Finding the shorts takes a bit of the sting out of losing my beautiful Pro tights at Mudder, but hey… They died a noble, heroic death. I tried them on today, because I got a tip from Jen Yates, which basically was that when she was wearing the corset for her Lady Vador costume, her normally “kill an elephant” cramps went away. http://www.epbot.com/2013/05/can-corset-cure-cramps.html .

So today, in an effort to try anything, on went the tights, since they have a web across the tummy, which supports my c-scar pooch that likes to flap when I run unless it is tenderly embraced by industrial strength spandex. Hence the support undies that were thankfully under my pro tights at Mudder. A girl can never be too supported, no? Also? It hurts when it flaps, and I don’t like that (imagine that…).

Yes, I am aware this may be TMI, but y’all, I go for honesty here. How many Mother Runners out there have this problem? Flap away, cuz you aren’t alone, my dears.

Verdict? It works! My lower belly quieted down. In fact, the cramps are gone. Now, if only I could do something about the fact that I am retaining so much water, the skin on my upper legs is puffing out the bottom of the shorts. Yeah. Muffin tops on my knees. Not such a great look.

But, they are supportive, so I’ll take it.

So here is my plea karma, God, and whomever else want to listen. I have a 10k race to run, a husband to support as he runs his first half marathon, kids to cart around, and lots and lots of friends to cheer for as they run too.

I would like to achieve it without rain or pain, thanks.


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