Keep Movin’

I found a new bruise in the shower this morning, and it is a straight line down the outside of my leg. I have no idea where I got that one. No clue. Glory Blades? Mud Mile. *shrug* I’ll add it to the gynormous ones on the inside of my thighs, and the mottled ones on my knee. Oh, and the sore spot on my forehead. Very strange… Also? I have a bruise on the ball of my right foot, right behind my second toe. WTF is that?

You’d think I wasn’t wearing shoes as I ran up and down that ^#@%ing mountain.

Arms and upper torso have come out unscathed, except for soreness. Which today, at Parliament Hill Yoga, was quite noticeable. That and my hips are wound so tight it is amazing I can even walk. I fully expected to waddle-step home from the flow session today. I only did for a bit. I think some pigeon might be in order for this evening after run club. If I can get down on the floor without falling. Someone might have to help me up after too. Heh.

And oh yes, even if it is raining, I am going to Run Club! For the first time, I don’t have a 20 minute drive to it, I can WALK! *cue happydance* I may impersonate the Tin Man whilst running this evening, be about as fast as my toddler at full speed, and may or may not be able to limp/drag myself home after, but a trail run with friends close to my home makes for one happy Sabby. I just hope the rain isn’t too heavy so no one wants to go run. That would suck.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, and nice words about this past weekend. I’ve had lots of folks, my husband included, tell me that what I did was a huge feat, and I should be proud. So yeah, feeling a little better about it now, and letting go of the (perceived) failures of the day. My body is telling me what an effort it was, so yeah, my mind is finally catching up with it.

Damn skippy, I traversed 16k of mountain (trudge up, controlled fall down, jog the flat parts) and got wet. A lot. I know I gained some fitness from that. *flex* Ow.

I know I have some work to do on how I handle myself when my expectations are not met at a race. I have learned to Own the Run when training, but it is another story completely at a race. I used to get the same way at horse shows, until I learned to just do my best and let the rest fall into place. Hard to do when you have certain expectations, go into it, and then realize you were completely out to lunch in regards to your ability.

Mmmm Lunch… I am hungry now.

It is all good in the end, and the memories and experience are what I need to keep in focus. As I said before, I just needed a couple of days to process my achievement. And then, put it past me, shake myself like a wet sheepdog, and look forward.

Next up, Ottawa Race Weekend 10k road race.

Gotta keep movin’.



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