Tiny Running Shoes

I have begun the packing list for Tough Mudder. When my husband reads this, he will sadly shake his head and chuckle at my ever-lovin’ overplannin’, organizational obsessive self. Yes, I am creating a list of everything that has to go. I love being organized. I love being in control.

Which you would not think I am capable of, given the state of our house right now.

The weather is nice, which means we are not in the house. Hence no housework gets done. We are attempting to get it clean this weekend so that when we straighten up to leave for Tough Mudder on the 10th, we won’t a) have a mountain of housework that sends us into a spiral of defeat, and b) come home to stinky garbage, dishes, and mayhem (or at least minimal mayhem… We have kids) .We try to do this before every trip away. It doesn’t always happen, but hey, goals and stuff, right?

Right now I would give anything for a dishwasher, a Roomba, or a housecleaner.

Last night we dragged both kids out to Run Club. Husband ran with another husband, pairing up well. They seemed to match pace, and my husband was all zen and happy (until daughter would not sleep) after. I was super happy to finally get my husband to come out, and help him get a run in this week. He needs to get going on his Half training, and even though he works out 3 to 4 days a week (Crossfit, yo), I am worried he won’t have the long runs in to meet his time goal for Race Weekend. I need to stop worrying about him, and worry more about me, right? Heh… Yeah. Moms who worry about everyone else in their family before themselves? What woman does that? Pshaw…

Anywho, I walked with the kids, and they ran around and had a blast. I am glad I dressed my son in orange, so I could see him when he was running too far ahead of me. I am glad the other walking moms were ok with him tagging with them while I walked very slowly with a determined little girl who would NOT get into the stroller. She wanted to run, so run she did.

It was kind of adorable. She insisted on rainbow pants for her run too, even though I tried to change her into shorts. Rainbows! Wonder where she got that from…

We got home past their bed time, ate, and by 9 pm, my son was passed out. We didn’t even get to bathe them, and elected to shower with the kids this am (that went over super well… NOT. We’ll change the sheets tonight). My daughter? Hokey Doodles. She was wired. Let’s just say last night, nothing got done. The kitchen looks like a bomb exploded, the living room has shrapnel (aka toys) strewn everywhere, and don’t even ask about the laundry. I left for work this morning feeling harried, stressed, and wishing I could just stay at home and get some freakin’ cleaning done.

Or a nap. equally as productive, right?

But, last night, we were outside, in the gorgeous weather, being social, being active, and I LOVE IT. So much more important than squeaky clean floors, when I sit back and think about everything we need to do in a day. Yes, the mess is a little irritating, and I wish I had more energy once the kids were in bed to straighten up and such… But when I told my son he was going to Mommy’s Run Club, he got so excited! My daughter, once her tiny Nike’s were on, looked at me and said “I need to RUN!”

This is a major parenting WIN, and erases the Yelly Mom #parentingguilt when my son won’t get dressed, the exasperated sighs as more milk gets spilled, or the frustrated toe-stub on a book that I can’t see because I am carrying a two year old who screams and screams until she gets her “UP!” at the worst possible time, i.e. I have three other things in my hand.

They want to run, they want to be active, and they want to do it with us. I will put off shaking Cheerios out of the booster seat every time to go do that  with them.



2 thoughts on “Tiny Running Shoes

  1. Katie Squires May 2, 2013 / 11:58 am

    Great post…clean house….what does one look like? Happy kids, happy parents that’s what matters 🙂

    • Sabby May 2, 2013 / 12:54 pm

      Clean house. Think I saw one in a magazine once. 😛 Happy is the key word there. Be happy, live happy even if the carpet isn’t clean.

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