Runny Mud Mind

Today, while doing forward bends at Yoga on Parliament Hill, I realized I need a pedicure. Badly. This is nothing new. I always need a pedicure. But today, it felt glaring. Hairy, Hobbit-like toes with raggedy-edged toenails peeked back at me. Oh dear… My country bumpkin is showing. Do I bother with a pedicure before trapsing up and down a ski hill, covered in mud?

Hmmm… maybe.

This is just one of the random thought streams that was echoing through my head as I stood on my black mat (who brings a black mat to outdoor yoga? This dork does…) and tried to relax, telling myself this is the perfect taper activity. “Relax… breath in, breathe out… I have to remember to look up that KT Tape video… I wonder if we’ll have time to run on Friday night at the cottage… breathe in, breathe out… I need to go lift this week at some point, I haven’t gone since last week… Oh my God my mat is hot… I want a burger… breathe in, breathe out… Why does my shin still hurt? Oh God I have massive shin splints and won’t be able to run and I am falling apart at the wrong time! Calm down… Oh wait now my hip hurts! My body is falling apart! Abort Downward Dog! ABORT!”

You get the idea. Heh…

I am in my first week of taper and I am already going nuts. I am already bouncing around on the Internet, looking for things to do. I’ve gotten some info on a trail running series, looked at training runs in Gatineau Park, toyed with the idea of biking to work, thought about some non-race running goals (run from work to home, run from home to work) perused the Ottawa race offerings and…

…Signed up for another Mud Run. Yeah… I think I have found my taper crazy action-reaction. I go into “I need to motivate myself” mode. Husband needs to take my credit card away.

The run I have signed up for is the Mud Hero on June 1st. – It is at, of all places, a paintball field. Dear me. *cue memories*. This one looks a bit less insane, albeit with more mud than what Tough Mudder has, but looks like a challenging, helluva lot of fun 6k course where the last obstacle is meant to make you as dirty as possible for the finish line, your finish photo, and medal. I signed up thinking “Yay! A mud run in Ottawa! Yay! A friend is running it and I can reconnect with her! YAY!”

This run is three weeks after Tough Mudder, one week after my Race Weekend 10k, and 14 days before my Spartan Sprint. Derp… I think I am going to be stocking up on Voltaren, Advil, and chocolate. Oh, and ice bags. Lots and lots of ice bags. Also? I think it is time to name my foam roller. Give me some ideas, people. Hilde? Sven? Jorge? #$%^?

Bring on the summer… And please God, help me get through this taper without signing up for something else equally as bat-$%*# crazy. Seriously.

Also? For you viewing pleasure, a funny video from The Mad Trapper Snowshoe and Trail Race Series group here in Ottawa. Dude is hilarious, and it kind of mirrors my “Hammy-lost-his-nuts” mind patterns the past couple of days. “Fun, fun, fun, fun!” ♥


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