Remember with Strength

All week last week, I wanted to blog. I wanted to tell everyone about my crazy, mixed-up, stressful Wednesday. I wanted to talk about how I successfully ran all winter this year, how on Friday I ran in a tank top, but on Sunday I wore my thermals (Ottawa weather, you’re drunk, go home). I had so many ideas for blog posts, but…

…None of it came out onto the “paper”.

Wanting to joke about how my car breaking down on the road was catastrophic to my plans to run seemed… Unimportant. To chat idly about my blessed life’s tiny roadbumps felt inappropriate. To say it was a week of reflection and emotions would be an understatement. So my blog stayed silent. I was kind of silent too. I needed processing time.

Over the weekend, Phil Marsh ( tweeted about a Boston Memorial walk being held on Monday, starting at Parliament Hill, ending at the Embassy with a moment of silence. Participants were to wear Boston colours of any kind, and bring a pair of shoes to donate to the Mission.

So, on Monday, I went. I don’t have any Boston wear, but I did have a blue run jacket. I wore my current winter runners, and off I went. I met up with Josée and Fiona, listened to the dignitaries and runners speak. All shared the same message. We will not let this deter our efforts. We are runners and shall remain united in this sport we love.

It was wonderful that they played “Sweet Caroline” as we began to walk towards the Embassy. I was happy about that. Love that song! Go Red Sox! *ahem*

As we walked, I was struck by how celebratory this felt. We were mourning the tragedy yes, but we were also bringing this emotion of strength, tenacity, and togetherness I only really feel at sporting events. Everyone was smiling, the sun was welcome, and people were happy to be able to participate in this ceremony meant to bring closure and solidify a community rocked very hard by last week.

Folks needed this. Since yesterday, I have felt lighter again. I am so glad I went.

The moment of silence was perfect, and the Mission will have tons of expensive running shoes to help folks get by. Maybe some of them will even get used to run in! I donated a very special pair of shoes, and I have a blog post about it in the works. It meant a lot to me to tie those shoes onto the fence.

Below are some of the photos I took of the event.



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