This afternoon’s quick “before dinner while the kids are hypnotized by Treehouse” run turned out a lot different than I expected. It was my first run back after the Norwalk-Plague-O’-Death visited, and I decided it would be a quick neighbourhood 3k jaunt, easy pace, shake the cobwebs out, so to speak.

Ummm… Yeah. Not what happened.

It might’ve been the maple syrup and pancake goodness I consumed at the Sugar Bush today. It could have been the coffee at 3:30 when my Dad visited. It is likely because I have not moved my ^%$ one iota since Easter Sunday, when I became violently and deathly ill (not really, it just felt that way) and my mooscles were fresh and ready. It could be the Songza playlist of remixed dancy pop I decided to listen to on a whim, instead of my rock music. Yes, dancy pop. I only had to skip one Beyonce song (GAH! NOOOOooooo…) a Justin Bieber mashed up with Flo-rida (Seriously no, I don’t want you to be my boyfriend or blow your whistle, and most definitely not at the same time), and some girl singing about love songs that go beep.

Yeah, it might’ve been catchy but I draw the line at lyrics that make my brain cells die from teh stoopid. No offense intended for anyone who likes their love songs to go “beep-beep-beepbeep”. OI *facepalm*.

Whatever it was that made this run so right, I gotta remember it for the next time.

I set off as I normally do, with light, small steps to warm up quickly, which of late seems to really help me hit my stride earlier in the run. I’ve been reading into this Chi Running thing, and have been trying out some of the concepts for fun, to see how my body likes it. So far, its not bad, and I find my runs are going better by incorporating the perception of “lean from the ankle”, the loose, relaxed legs that stride underneath me instead of out (lead with the knee), engaging my core, and taking light, relaxed and peaceful small steps (i.e. more per minute than I would normally do). I draw the line at wearing the metronome they suggest to get that 90 steps per minute thing. That may, just may drive me bat$^#* crazy. (There’s that love song beep-beep-beepbeep thing again, eh?)

If I ever get to take a Chi Running workshop, I may change my mind, we’ll see.

I wasn’t keeping an eye on my time at all, I just wanted to run to feel good. By the time I reached the park around the corner from the house, my lungs were protesting, my calves were complaining, and I was sure my right foot was going to fall off.

So I got angry. “I want to run, $^%#!” I said to my various body parts (Yes, out loud), and kept going, driving through the suck, but assuming I was going slow. For some reason, I had a total disconnect between my speed and my body on this run. Maybe I was too preoccupied thinking about things, or simply trying my best not to focus on the creaky, annoying ^%$# going on in my joints as they re-adjusted to moving after a week of &*$%. I really concentrated on Putting. One. Foot. In. Front. Of. The. Other.

Being slightly miffed that I was stiff and sore due to not running for over a week was silly, but I think it may have helped because stuff warmed up, and I was running better by the time I hit the local public school. I did a loop through there, running on the soft sand, getting to the other side of the playground cursing again because that %$&#ing sucked. I headed for home, and did the beeline down the main drag.

The good part, it was straight to home from there. The bad part? You run past the Harvey’s. All I could smell was Bacon. Yes, I capitalized the B in Bacon. Because… Well, BACON! I was hungry. My stomach decided to wake up at that point and say “Heyyyy…. WTF is that? I want that.” I don’t like Harvey’s, but it smelled sooooo good. Like when you drive past a KFC and your mouth starts watering, even though you know that if you touch that evil, evil stuff, you will regret it for a day or so afterwards, digesting the %^&$ they pass off as food.

By the time I got home I was heaving, sweat pouring off of me.  I looked at the time when I stopped. 24 minutes for 3.4k, not bad! Average pace was 7:06 per km. My last km split was sub 7. This pace is between 30 to 45 seconds faster than my long slow distance pace.

So when exactly did I subconsciously decide to turn my easy, peasy joggy jaunt into a tempo run?

NO matter what, and even though I am not sure if it is a good idea to do so right after an illness…  *&^% it felt fantastic trying to get my breathing back, staring at my splits and beaming from ear to ear. ♥


2 thoughts on “Bacon

  1. Katie Squires April 8, 2013 / 6:00 am

    Congrats on such a great run! love that your easy is now a tempo 🙂 I’ve been trying to follow the chi principles since Oct….I don’t feel chi…it feels so unnatural to me…I’m such a braker…but I keep trying and trying…got to become natural at some point right?

    • Sabby April 8, 2013 / 8:34 am

      It will. I sometimes think about the motion of pedalling a bicycle and it helps to stay relaxed.

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