Leaps Forward

So apparently, the Walk the Plank obstacle (http://toughmudder.com/obstacles/walk-the-plank/) at Tough Mudder has been made higher this year. Some rumours have put it to 22 feet, others at 25 feet. It was 15 feet, which was already plenty high thankyouverymuch. Why you gotta mess with it, Evil Geniuses at Mudder HQ? Yeep.

Part of me says “Ok, well, whatev’s…” and part of me is freaking the &*#$ out! For the love of all that is kind and gentle in his world (Think rainbows and butterflies etc) I was just getting used to the idea of 15 feet. 15 feet of sheer crap-my-pants drop into muddy water (not seeing the bottom is disconcerting, yo) and cargo netting to haul my sorry butt out of the water when I land.

However, this said, and my hyperventilating aside, it is NOT near as scary as it was last year when I bonked the button and paid my entry fee. Remember when I said I was taking swimming lessons? And said swimming lessons were going ok (https://mustangsabby.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/bubbles/)? Well, said swimming lessons are over, and I achieved what I set out to do.

I jumped into the deep end of the pool on my last lesson, without any floaties (no rubber duckies, Aquafit belt or life jacket) and on my second jump, flat-footed the bottom before rising to the surface. Mr. Handsome Swim Instructor was really pleased with me. He was really impressed that I went from my first lesson being worried about BOBS IN THE WATER to jumping off the pool deck into the deep end. We also worked on my front crawl, but that is still woefully horrific. The whole using my legs and arms and breathing all at once thing? Hahahahahaha… *deep breath* Hahahahahahaha. No. not pretty at all. I am pretty sure I look like a cat who is trying to get back to the edge of the pool after being thrown in, if you know what I mean.

Baby steps, right? *sigh*

I wanted to continue in lessons, but with hubs not working yet, all extra expenses have been curbed. We are going to do public swims with the kids instead. This gives me a chance to work on my breathing specifically, since it is still not easy for me to breath out underwater. Out my mouth is no biggie, but out my nose… I try, and nothing happens, it is like my nose is plugged. Not abnormal, according to Mr. Handsome. He just said “Keep it up!” he seemed to think I was a natural. Really? Oh dear, you may have me confused with someone else who has not needed medicating before attempting to swim underwater before now.

However, I’ll take it. I am much more comfortable in water now, and being underwater to do fun things like duck under lane ropes or attempt to touch the bottom of the pool with my hands is beginning to look achievable.  The Underwater Tunnels and various obstacles that provide a pool to fall in when you lose your grip don’t scare me anymore, and I am not worried about ducking my head under the plywood board in the Arctic Enema. I know I can do that without panicking, and in fact, want to test how it will go with the added adrenalin.

The next leap is the actual one, in May, on Challenge Day, when I climb to the top of that platform. I have given hubs permission to push me (yes, yes I have, seriously). I know, if it happens and I freak out once I am up there, I won’t go. I’ll freeze. But giving me a push, removing the option to climb back down, is something I am ok with having done to me. Once it is over, I will be able to calm the *$#% down and realize I did it.

Think they’ll let me do it more than once?

Now, we don’t know specifically what obstacles will be at Toronto Spring Tough Mudder until a week or so out. Won’t it be super funny if Walk the Plank isn’t included? Highly unlikely since it is a crowd favorite and was there last year, but…

…I’m still trying to decide if it would be disappointing or relieving if it wasn’t there.



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