The March Break week is finally coming to a close and what a week it has been. Busy at work, chaos at home, and balls to the walls with my fitness. Hubs was out Monday night for Myofascial torture with a friend, then to another friend’s on Wednesday for the 13.2 release (Crossfit, yo). Last night I was out at the gym. *boingboingboing* I also had a great lunch with a friend yesterday to celebrate her Runversary. We had a healthy meal, walked the mall (why must they heat the mall to a 1000 degrees? I was one wilted mama by the time I got back to work) and had some girl time. Was awesome. I also bought myself a new Lululemon water bottle. Spluge-o-rama, but worth it. I loves the wide mouth and 20oz size, plus the thick silicone sleeve.

It is Gym Dork Proof. I tested that last night by attempting to drop it several times, and kicking it once. It passed that test.

This week I am searching in vain for that lost hour of sleep from last weekend when the Daylight Savings fairies blessed us with an extra hour of light after getting home, and the caffeine intake has been a bit elevated. I have been in bed earlier than normal all week, and getting out of bed in the morning has been torturous beyond measure.

Today, however, I am bouncing off the walls for some reason. I have so much energy I want to go run around, shouting and laughing and telling everyone that life is wonderful and beautiful, like that guy (Roberto Benigni) from the Oscars a few years agogoing a little cukoo and saying he wanted to make love to everyone when he won a statue.

It could also be the caffeine talking. *buzzzzzz*

The theme song of this week is that tune you hear at carnivals and circuses, the “Doo-dee-doo-deedoo-da-doo-doo-doo-doo” (Like that made any sense) and once Friday night hits, it ain’t stoppin’. We have a full weekend planned, with an in-law visit to have fun with the kids, a dinner out, and my first 10k training run since Resolution Run on Sunday. *boingboingboing*

I need a drink, some down time with a good book, or a visit to Le Nordik. Who am I kidding? An hour of Bejeweled and a tea before I pass out it is.

This week was my first back-to-back run since last fall. I did a hill workout on Tuesday that saw me sprinting up the pathway by the Museum of Civilization, doing the long, slow hill up beside the NAG, and doing some sprints on the top half of my Big &*$%ing Hill. Then some more sprints up the wee amphitheatre slope at the NAG, which is always fun. Hoo boy were my IT bands and quads sore for my 6k with a friend the next day! That 6k was absolutely gorgeous though. We ran up Sussex, past the GG’s residence, then skirted around it into the edge of Rockliffe, poking down into New Edinburgh to run across the Minto Bridges that aren’t under restoration yet. A bit of ice navigation included, and we had a really great run.

Have I mentioned before how much I love running in our city? Once the snow goes, I cannot wait to run up into Rockliffe Park, and on the river pathways. There are some wicked fun hills there.

Wait… Did I just say hills are fun? Someone punch me… I think I may be drunk or something.


Couple all this crazy-funtimes with my two weightroom sessions (new Squat PR of 50 pounds!) and I am enforcing a rest day today (which was supposed to be yesterday but I couldn’t help myself and ran screamingwent to the gym last night after the kids were off to bed), despite the fact that I want to go for a run today. There is white, fluffy snow falling, and it is beautiful. I love running in that! However, it is cold, and it would hide the ice patches. I can just imagine the absolute comedy of me doing the Bambi impression, or the Drunken Pterodactyl (I think Drunken Pterodactyl would make an excellent band name) down a slope on the Loop run.

Heh. No thanks. If I am still vibrating by evening, maybe I’ll do some yoga… or some core work. Can core work be considered hefting a large glass of wine from table to mouth?

Thought so. *slurp*



4 thoughts on “Bouncing

  1. Jay March 15, 2013 / 11:04 am

    You are pure AWESOMENESS!!!

    • Sabby March 15, 2013 / 11:12 am

      Thank you! Kinda wondering where his is coming from… But I’ll take it!

  2. twohandsfull March 15, 2013 / 11:09 am

    hahaha I love this post. Your excitement is infectious. I have not been as excited as you this past week but I have managed two kettlebell workouts and tonight is soccer. I am promising myself that next week I have to do some form of exercise everyday. Even if it is just a walk.

    • Sabby March 15, 2013 / 11:12 am

      That is a good goal! Exercise every day. KBells are awesome. I found some teeny 4 pound ones at Sports Experts yesterday. Almost bought it so my kids could play “fitness” with us this summer when we buy ours. However, I can see the head bonks now LOL.

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