Run With Me on March 26th

March is that month where I get so impatient. I want winter to be over. I want to explode through the last vestiges of snow and ice, into the path of the sun, jumping and leaping like a new puppy who has finally discovered their own tail.

March is not quite winter, but not Spring enough to give me that overwhelming feeling of energy, making me bounce and skip and sing outside, relishing in the sunshine, the warmth, the new beginnings, like April does.

I love Spring. I emerge from the dark, foreboding winter full of excitement for the summer ahead. I plan gardens much too ambitious for a family with two small children. I think of all the weekends we have to fill with outdoor adventures and possibilities. I reach for the smell and cacophony of garden seedlings in the market stalls, their tender leaves overflowing the trays. I get excited to taste the first Snow Peas and garlic scapes, find the first fiddleheads in the damp marsh. I dream of the swaths of brilliantly coloured tulip beds, cutting through the almost too bright green of Springtime grass, like a swipe of a painters brush on a well-sanded canvas.

Spring is my favorite season. I sometimes think I should have been a Springtime baby. It is the most anticipated time of year in my soul.

This year, I am looking forward for another reason as well. An important one. One I hope to mark each year, like a birthday. I suppose, it could be called a Re-Birthday. Most folks (who celebrate milestones such as mine) like to call it a Runniversary.

March 26th was the day I (re)started running. I logged my newfound hobby activities as walking for the first week or so, because there was more walking than running. But then, in April, I started logging them as running. I felt like I was cheating myself by not saying I was running, because I was. But, that first day in March was the day I decided I wanted to try.

And the past year is all because I did.

I am celebrating this (previously) un-thought of achievement, and I want to celebrate with as many people as possible.

So, Tuesday March 26th, at 12:30 pm, meet me in front of Grand Maman at the National Art Gallery, and we will run together. Those who have never met me, look for the rainbow, of course.

We’ll do the loop route, starting out over Alexandra Bridge, in front of the Museum of Civilization, then over Portage Bridge, then across downtown in front of Parliament Hill, ending in Major’s Hill Park, if we can. If the pathways are clear along the river, we can use those instead of the street.

Pace will be easy, so we can talk, laugh, and enjoy the moment. Intervals can be done if anyone would prefer. This is not about running long, or fast, or hard. It is about celebrating something we all love to do, celebrating the day I embarked on my journey. I want to share it, and reaffirm the past year, hopefully reaffirming it for everyone else putting shoe to pavement with me.

See you there!


One thought on “Run With Me on March 26th

  1. Katie Squires March 15, 2013 / 12:01 pm

    SO wish I could be there with you, but wishing you a great runiversary 🙂

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