Own the Run

Today’s run is brought to you by the number 30, and Raj Binder from This Hour has 22 Minutes. (love ya Shaun Majumber! http://www.shaunmajumder.com/)

I am not even kidding, folks… I wrung my run hat out when I took it off today, during my run. Raj, you got nothin’ on me…


I felt good when I stepped outside at lunch, I was dressed in my thermal tights, Run jacket, Lulu top and pink skullcap. I felt stylish, like a “real” runner. I felt the urge to get moving, was excited to run somewhere else other than the loop, and the sun was shining. Can you say giddy? I was feeling giddy.G-I-D-D-Y. Up, if you so prefer. Heh.

I decided today I would finally try out my 30 second fast intervals, which last time I tried I forgot to set the repeat. Doh… So, the intervals were 5 minutes steady, followed by 30 seconds fast, then 2 minutes walk. Rinse, repeat. I have not added much speed into my runs, and since I need to get faster, and increase my lung capacity, here we go, right? Remember last year, I slowly added to my run segments with my own interval sets? Well, in feeling completely bewildered at how to add speed to my runs, I remembered how I added running to my runs last year, and decided on the same technique. Once 30 seconds feels easier, I’ll add 30 seconds to the sprint. And so on, and so on…

I bopped along down to the Minto bridges, and was so sad when the first one, right behind DFAIT, was still completely blocked off for restoration. What have them been doing all winter? Mama wants to run across her favorite bridge! Geez… Saddened, I continued up the path to Sussex, deciding I could run past 24 Sussex, wave to the Prime Minister, and turn around at Rideau Hall, after waving to the Governor General. (well, wave at all the security guards, obviously.)

The guards and RCMP that were out and about were all very smiley and happy today. Who wouldn’t be? It was so gorgeous. Sunny, and warm. Plus, they have an awesome job. Seriously.

I won’t lie. The run got hard once I hit Sussex. I couldn’t catch my breath while walking after the sprint, the 5 minute steadies felt like they took forever, and I dreaded hearing the “Next Interval – 30 seconds fast” prompt in my ear (Hey Runkeeper, you need some new voices for your coaching prompts!). I didn’t stop, but I felt slow, and pushed for every step mentally and physically. I realized that my thermal tights, Run jacket, Lulu top and pink skullcap were way too much clothing for today. I was soaked, I was overheating, and it was sucking the verve right outta me. I took off my gloves, I took off my hat. I opened my sleeve vents. I finally opened the jacket. Nope. Still too warm. The rest of the run was that way. I was hot, yo. And not in the *rawr* way. More like the red-faced, wheezing, and dripping kind of way.

It could also be that I have one helluva cold right now and the snot and sore throat thing was not helping. I dunno. I had Kleenex and I used it. A lot. *honk*

I got back to work completely spent and stood on the corner for five minutes to just catch my breath. I did 4.3k in 33 minutes or so, so even with the walking and the suck, I was pleased with my pace. All my splits were under 8 minutes. I was disappointed in how hard it felt, but I haven’t been running as much lately, and was not really in the “groove”. I need to remember it takes time to build endurance, right?

No matter how the run felt in the end, and no matter whether the effort was what I wanted or intended it to be, I did it, and banked the fitness I got out of it. Something I read recently (and for the life of me I know not where I read it) has stuck with me, and made me feel better about my efforts when they don’t go the way I want them too.

Own the run. Use the experience to build on the next effort, no matter what the result is.

I like that. So today, I owned the run, sweat, suck, and all.




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