Hello, Mr. Smith

So tonight I tried out the Smith machine for the first time.

I have always been intimidated to try squat racks and such out, not wanting to look like a complete dork, or fall over, making large amounts of noise when metal meets metal. Because that wouldn’t attract attention to me or anything, or give me bruises in places that cannot be hidden, like my forehead, or have someone feel sorry for me and pick the bar and plates off my back with one hand when I can’t get it back onto the rack.

No, not at all.

So, being more brave than usual, and being able to use the Women’s only section at the gym tonight, I felt it was time to get to know Mr. Smith in the corner. I wouldn’t have to endure the sideways looks of body builders in the main section, or wait in line just to take ALL the plates off the bar and be all “grr arg” with no weight on, lookin’ like a silly person. (Yes, I am aware it would be mostly me projecting that embarrassment, but it is still legit, so don’t judge, k?) being in the smaller women’s only section made me feel way more comfortable to look like a newb while I figured it all out. A newb in pink Wal-mart gym wear, handanas, and old, beat up ready-for-the-trash running shoes.

(side note: Mama needs gym shoes. Proper gym shoes for lifting. Stability running shoes are not very stable in squats… Jes sayin’)

Verdict? I %$#@ing loved it.

I felt more in control of my form, was able to track over my toes properly, was not rounding my back near as much, and generally felt like it was effective. Once I am in better shape strength wise, I can maybe move to a regular rack, but as I still feel weak in my lower core (Damn you C-Scar!) right now, this is safe for me to load my legs a bit and not be an accident waiting to happen.

I felt like a friggin’ warrior, ten feet tall, and strong when I was done my reps. Yes! I conquered gym equipment with no bonks to the head, trips, or other gym dork moves. I win! I %$#^ well win (Something… Not sure what…)!

Today was the first run through of the lower body routine I have created. In an effort to be more structured, and stuff. I know I have to get up that mountain in May, and I need more strength in my core, pelvis, and quads. Way more strength. My hams and glutes are all doing well, and I’ve always had super strong legs… But my quads are still feeling like they can’t handle stress easily, and abductors, lower back, and obliques? Yeah right… soft and doughy still. Heh. *poke*

I have two months. Time to push, and see what I can do before my taper starts on May 1st. Time to get %$#@ done, yo.

So, as a recap, my new lower body workout is as follows:

    Cardio warm up
    Smith Squat – 10 reps bar weight only warm up
    Smith Squat – 10 reps x 3 – 12.5 kilos each side
    Forward dumbbell lunge – 10 reps each leg x 3 – 10 pound dumbbells
    Side dumbbell lunge – 10 reps each leg x 3 – 10 pound dumbbells
    Sumo Smith Squat – 10 reps x 3 – 12.5 kilos
    Romanian Dumbbell Deadlift – 8 reps x 2 – 20 pound dumbbells
    Dumbbell Calf Raise – 15 reps x 2 – 30 pound dumbbells
    Stiff Leg Dumbbell Deadlift – 8 reps x 2 – 20 pounds dumbbells
    Bodyweight Bridge – 2 minute x 3
    Glute Kickbacks – 10 reps each leg x 2
    Heel Touch Crunch – 20 reps each side x 3
    Fire Hydrants – 10 reps each leg x 2
    Plank – 2 minute x 2
    Pushups – 10

So alternating this workout with my upper workout (once a week for each), with at least a day in between should help me see some results. I did say I wanted to get STRONG, and this is my start. It feels like a lot of work still, and I may shorten it for busy lunch time (like two reps instead of three, cut out the cardio since I walk to the gym), but finally getting some structure feels relieving and amazing.

Tomorrow I may not be able to sit down easily, though. My glutes are on fire, and I know my quads are going to complain by morning. Man my body is noisy.

But I love it.


One thought on “Hello, Mr. Smith

  1. Tracey Ives March 1, 2013 / 8:27 am

    Sounds like quite the workout! Im impressed by your ability to go in and get it done, esp in the weight room! I dont use them because it intimidates me so much! I do my upper and lower work at home! I like reading workouts-gives me ideas and inspiration!

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