Nordic Therapy

I spent Saturday afternoon jumping from sauna, to ice cold pool, to hot tub, and then back again. To say I was blissed out and happy was an understatement. To say I was bone-tired by the time we got home would be accurate. I think I took in three litres of water in the evening, craving fluids like nothing else.

Sunday I peed every hour, it seemed. TMI? Sorry…

I think I may have been Scandinavian in a former life, because I am pale, freckly, (was) blonde, and love saunas. Seriously love them. Crave them, in fact. Sitting in one for fifteen minutes, sweating my arse off, and then getting in a cold shower makes me feel cleansed from the inside out. I always do a sauna at the end of my workouts, once I have cooled down slightly. I sit in there, drip sweat all over my towel, and I feel amazing afterwards.

It also keeps me sane when it is -a bazillion outside. Seriously. This year, with less fat on me, the cold is sucking.

So on Saturday, for our anniversary, husband and I went to Le Nordik – We had a bite to eat, wandered the grounds, decided what saunas and such we wanted to try (Little tiny barrel sauna FTW! Whirlpool hot tub da bomb-diggity, Ice cold Nordic waterfall NOT FTW). Then hubs got a massage, I got a facial (in which I fell asleep ten minutes in, had to be woken up, DOH!) and the we got busy with our Nordic Bath experience, which is:

  1. Spend 15 minutes in a sauna, get your sweat on and open those pores!
  2. Jump into cold water to rinse off and close the pores.
  3. Relax for 15 minutes in a warm area.
  4. Repeat 3 to 4 more times.

Doing this is supposed to improve circulation, detoxify, relax, and invigorate. You are supposed to feel recharged, refreshed, and “clean”. They do give warning about Diabetics using the baths, but I was careful and listened to my body. Not once did I feel out of whack. It was an altogether wonderful experience. I loved it. Why hadn’t we gone sooner?

The only drawback, if there was one, was how busy it was. We ended up eating at the Panorama room (tapas) when we arrived around noon, since it was an hour wait at the restaurant for a table. We had no idea that the place could hold so many people! Tacky bathrobes (seriously, how many women have bubble-gum pink Winnie the Pooh house coats, and were they ALL at the spa on Saturday?) and noisy flip flops were everywhere. You can bring your own house coat, rentals for a lovely white Le Nordik one with a hood is $11. I say the rental is worth it, since you don’t have to truck the wet, slightly salty thing home afterwards, and wash it. Shiny.

We didn’t get to try the salt water therapy pool. It cost extra, which I was willing to pay, but we couldn’t get in until 4, and there was a waiting list at that. Uhh wow. Lesson learned.

The women’s change room was a disaster. I seriously did not want to step on the floor, and some of the women thought that spitting (WTF?!?) was ok in the change room, as well as spraying perfume everywhere. Awesome. There was a line up for the showers, so I didn’t bother and came home “briney” from the pools.

I did love the lock system, and wish more water and amusement parks had this system. Waterproof wristbands that you hold up to the lock and it only unlocks your locker, which is pre-assigned. Beautiful.

The quiet zones were not as quiet as they could have been, and getting to lie on a Quartz heating pad, or use the music room was not possible, it was always full. The number of young folks there was quite high, which was great, but many of them seemed to think rules were not important, or decided that the whirlpool tubs were for splashing and playing. In the barrel sauna, we had some doofus throw snow onto the dry sauna heater while we were in there, even with the big $%# signs that say DON’T DO THAT on each wall! *sigh*

There were lots of courteous people, truly. I even bumped into a good friend whom I have not seen in a long time! It was great to see her, and give her a quick hug.

We decided we need to go back again and spend more time doing rounds in the baths, perhaps take a day of vacation and go while the kids are at school and day care. We were so relaxed, and did not want to leave, but had to, since our babysitter had been with the monsterschildren all day. With regret, we left. We were noodles by the time we got home. I stepped out and got Subway, because cooking was just not gonna happen. For either of us.

I want to book another day for us to go. Soon. It was a break from the relentless winter, it helped ease my stress, we had some together time that wasn’t at a movie theatre or restaurant or shopping. It made not getting south a bit less of a sore point. I want to take friends. Hey ladies, a girl’s evening there may just be what we need! Heck, I will play hooky and go by myself with a good book.

It was perfect “Nordic” therapy for sore muscles, busy brains, and to celebrate five years of marriage.


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