Today I went out and ran in the picturesque, Christmas-like snowy weather. My co-workers thought I was nuts, and when I stepped outside, I thought – for that brief moment before your Garmin beeps that it has found location – That I might just be.

But I went anyways. And tip-toed, sliding around all the way over to my pre-determined meeting place. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a decent running pace, going downhill on marble paving stones, while there is a centimetre of snow on the ground? Not easy, my friends. Let’s just say I did the Drunken Pterodactyl a few times, planting my feet wide the moment I felt my balance go, thus saving myself from skidding the rest of the way down the hill on my Thermal-tight-covered tookus.

Years and years of wearing no-tread riding boots at barns has taught me how to stay upright when the goin’ gets slippy. I have no idea how many times I did Bambi impersonations while fetching yon “steed who won’t be caught” from the paddock that could’ve doubled for a skating rink. Yep. Teh skillz, I has dem. (Not. I am a klutz, seriously folks. It’s self-preservation. if I fall, I might not be able to get back up. I would rather pull my groin muscles than fall.)

Met up with friends (YAY! Friends! Friends who RUN! *happy*), and we did some intervals up the Canal pathway and back. Easy and light, so very, very enjoyable. But once again, my bad juju (I have no idea where this came from, seriously ladies I don’t mean it!) meant that one of the runners with me went over on her ankle. The other runner that was with me was the one to do her ankle in after our last meet up to run.

My heart sunk. Am I bad luck? People are going to stop wanting to run with me… Oi. I need to carry a good luck charm or something. Maybe I just need more rainbow running gear. That’s it! Can anyone hook me up with a rainbow Tech Tee? or Maybe some rainbow thermal tights… Is there such a thing as too much rainbow? Is that like screaming “More Cowbell!” at a downhill ski race?  I don’t want to get a reputation, or have people not want to run beside me, hissing at me if I try to match stride with them. “Careful! She’s an ankle ninja… I’ve seen her in action. Those ladies go down like they’ve been checked by a 6’4″ hockey player. She’s sneaky for a little thing…”

*sigh* I jest, but I do, in all seriousness, hope her ankle is ok.

Slippy, slidy beautiful snowy winter run aside (The War memorial was absolutely stunning covered in snow, the flakes swirling around the horses and men in intricate swirling patterns. I was so cold, I didn’t want to stop to take a photo. Wish I had), I also ran 8k yesterday, and it was one of those runs that made me glad to be alive. Why? because nothing hurt during the run, nothing was hurting when I got home, and I wasn’t worrying about injury. For the first time in a month, I was strong when I finished a run, feeling good, wanting to keep going but playing it safe and stopping. I really, really needed that yesterday.

It was also hard-@%# cold, and for awhile, I was running on snow-packed NCC trails to get around the frozen solid ice sidewalks along the main road by my neighbourhood. As I crested a hill overlooking the freeway on one side and a Pick Your Own Strawberry farm on the other, I stopped to take a breather (Seriously, running on snow pack is hard, yo!) and enjoy the view of a flock of starlings hanging out in some trees nearby. I looked down for some odd reason, and realized I was standing ON TOP of the park benches that perch atop the hill, their curliqued edges just peeking out of the massive drift near my shoe.

The snow was holding me up!

I immediately panicked (read: swore loudly, startling the Starlings), because I am a dork. My head was a running panic-babble of “I’m too heavy to stand on top of snow… I haven’t been able to walk across snow since I was 12! I am going to fall though and get hurt… OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod!”. Of course, I had been running on it all the way up, why now would I suddenly fall to my doom in the never-ending drift? I tenderly kept moving, and once I had walked a few steps, called myself a moron, and picked my run up again to descend the other side.

That got my heart rate up.

After, I reflected that this was a momentus achievement in my weight loss journey, and I saved the woot for my blog, because it made me feel that *%^$ing amazing. I may still be weighing in 40 pounds above my target weight, but *&$# if that snow didn’t hold ME up! ME! *fistpump*

So, in all seriousness… I love running in snow, don’t get me wrong. It is beautiful. It is humbling and inspiring. But $%#* am I ready for some plus-side temperatures, green grass, clear pavement, and sun. ♥




3 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Katie Squires January 28, 2013 / 3:56 pm

    I think your freakingawesome for going out in the snow and all sorts of weather. I love you embrace that this is our climate 🙂 GO GIRL!

  2. Amber February 3, 2013 / 10:10 pm

    Go, you! I wish I could send you some non-freezing weather from here in Vancouver.

    • Fats January 6, 2015 / 3:42 am

      Very true! Makes a change to see sooemne spell it out like that. 🙂

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