Restaurant Realization

Last night husband and I totally pigged out. We had alcohol, we had appetizers, and each had an entree. As well, we munched on the kids food and had dessert. Can you say oink?

Yeah… without a doubt, it was a little nutty. Not the food, silly kernigget… Us.

After, we felt horrific, and looked at one another in the dark car on the way home, listening to a random DVD squeaking in the background, the overly-tired kids alternating between a whine and a giggle. We realized, as a family, that we don’t – and can’t – eat like that anymore.

Not even a little bit.

We felt gross, out of sorts, and lethargic. The kids were strung out. Our wallets are considerably lighter. Today, I have/had a migraine, and I know that the extra crazy amount of gluten, carbs and sugar I forked into my maw last night aggravated it. My daughter was starving this morning, having only eaten pasta, some pretzels, and some fries the night before, with two cups of milk.

We used to eat that way all the time. Wow.

Last night was my Birthday dinner, since we waited until pay day to go out. I decided I wanted to go to Mill St., since I had gone without hubs and he was miffed (I am a peacemaker, what can I say…). It is supposed to be kid friendly, and welcoming. my last experience there was fantastic, and I was remembering the great service and food, and relaxing atmosphere.

Plus, they make my husband’s favorite beer. Win/win, right?

Wow. So not.

I won’t take the kids there again, and definitely will not go on a government Pay Day. The place was packed with young folks (waitaminute, aren’t we still young? Oh dear I am doing it… I am… I look at 20-somethings and think they are young…) and huge groups. It took an hour for our food to arrive, the noise decibel level was so high that my son complained it was too loud, and we were sandwiched into this tiny table, with nowhere to put our winter coats. The server was slow as molasses, and we had to remind him several times about extra waters and such we had requested. The two tables along the wall where we were, that seated after us, paid and left before we had finished eating.

The kid’s menu had little to no veg on it, if you can count raw carrot and celery with dip, and I had a hard time finding an entree with a veggie (or healthy, for that matter) side. My kids will eat broccoli and cauliflower and carrots and beans and there was not one bit of that anywhere on the menu we could order for them. I asked.

I supposed I could have had a salad, but when I am going out for a nice dinner with my family, I want to have a steak, or something like that. Stuff I don’t have all the time at home. My steak came with no vegetables, just a twice-baked potato (with chili pepper or something in it, it was so hot I took one bite and left it alone) and some overly-peppered mushrooms. I asked for a side of veg, and they said they could, for $5 more and it was carrot and celery with dip. WTF?

To top it off? I forgot they did not have debit. Argh. They explained why they don’t have debit, and its a totally legitimate reason, but it still sucks since the ATM was $2.50 to use. *shakes fist at banks*

On the plus side, my chocolate cake was on the house, being my birthday and all.

We rolled home, putting the kids to bed at 9 pm, and then once the lunches and bags were ready, we collapsed into our own. I could barely move by this time, sore, stiff, cranky, and feeling bloated. All my clothes were tight and I shucked them the moment I could when we arrived home, for comfy PJs. Husband had a horrific night’s sleep, I could tell this morning with his dark circles and puffiness. He also snored and kept taking his sleep mask off all night.

Will we go back? Probably as a date night, or for a date brunch. It was not the worst experience we have ever had at a nice restaurant, but it was not the best. And if we go, for land’s sake, I will not likely eat that much again. *urp*


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Realization

  1. Amber January 18, 2013 / 11:40 pm

    We only go to family restaurants with our kids, and rarely even that, because they just are not that great in restaurants. It does save us money, which is good. It also means we avoid the over-indulgence. But honestly it’s just an act of self-preservation.

    • Sabby January 19, 2013 / 9:42 am

      We try to get out with the kids when we can, I think it helps their table manners. When it was just 1 kid, it was great to go out and eat. Having two definitely ups the ante. 🙂

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