Lunch Run

On the downtown loop run I do, there is an uphill no matter which way I run it. This is, I suppose, a good thing. I need to run more hills. Hills are my friends. Hills love me. Be one with the hill?


I torture myselfrun up them because *^&% you hill, that’s why. Besides, I have to conquer the hill if I want to do the Rocky Dance. In rainbow socks, a Run Happy toque, and a pink jacket. On a Thursday.

Yeah… I may or may not have done that yesterday when I hit the corner of Mackenzie and Murray St.  There were a few witnesses. Eh… heh. This was also after Birthday Burpees in the snow in the park.

I know. What? let’s not dwell on those. They really, really sucked. I am trying to not remember them. At all. Or the marvelous pukey dizzy sensation after. Nope. Not fun. Moving on…

So *ahem*, on lunch runs, either I run the uphill West from the Chateau Laurier to Parliament Hill (short, but somewhat challenging), or I run it East from the Portage Bridge, past the Library and Archives building, the Supreme Court, the Confederation Building, and then on to Parliament Hill. The East rotation hill is much longer by far, less steep, and to be honest, a mental challenge because it is so loooooooong.  I normally run the route west so I am running down it and because I like ending my run with the Alexandra Bridge and the hill up to the Art Gallery.

Also? I love running downhill early in a run, and feel awesome when I do. WHEEEE!

Yesterday I ran the loop “backwards” to my normal, and let me tell you… It was a grind. I rounded the corner after the bridge, and inwardly groaned. It wasn’t insurmountable, for sure, but I was getting tired, had already done some hill repeats on the top portion of My Big *&%^ing Hill before heading out over the Alexandra Bridge, and was ready to be done.

My right leg was stiffening up, my calf was saying nasty mean things to my foot, which in turn was making my foot sad and not wanting to roll properly. They had an argument for about halfway up the hill, to about the edge of  the West Block building, and then they stopped talking to one another completely. At this point, I am sure I looked like some strange wilderbeast in rainbow socks hallumping up the hill, my right let now going numb. Rob Zombie was on rotation suddenly, and true to form, I did kind of feel like a “Living Dead Girl”.

Ragey music and uncomfortable running legs makes for a scowly, flappy, gaspy runner with a “Run Happy” toque on.Yeeeah… The humour in this is not lost on me, folks. Gigglesnorting is required as you picture that.

Once over the top of the hill, and on the flat, the pain eased, and my leg felt less wooden and more flesh-like. I had to slow right down for the people all around me, and whew, it gave me a chance to have a stern (in my head) talking to with my calf and foot, telling them to play nice or I would not treat them to compression socks and elevated time in my cubicle that afternoon.

On the way down the hill towards the Chateau, they started to play nicely, and even co-operated a bit to let me speed up past Major’s Hill Park.

Yesterday I turned another year older. It will soon be a year since I started running (wow!). I have now been regularily running a route that last spring seemed impossible. I am really excited to see the momentum I have kicking it up that hill many, many more times this coming summer, and see how much I have improved when I do my first Minto Bridges run this coming Spring.

I’m still going to have to say “*^&% you hill.” every damned time though. That I think I can guarantee.



4 thoughts on “Lunch Run

  1. wordywort January 11, 2013 / 11:57 am

    Dying to run the Minto Bridges! Take me with you!!!
    Hills lift you to the sky. All you have to do is follow them up. I really do think that to myself, and then have to make all “F— you, hill!” comments in a muppet voice that Very uses to mock fussiness.

  2. Sabby January 11, 2013 / 2:25 pm

    When they open back up, we will schedule a run. They are peaceful to cross.

  3. Amber January 18, 2013 / 11:33 pm

    You know what? To this wimpy Vancouverite, anyone who runs in weather that requires a toque deserves a gold star, no matter what.

    • Sabby January 19, 2013 / 9:47 am

      The run we did last Sunday was crazy. It as really rainy, and about 2 degrees. I was soaked to the bone, and all of us were cold. 🙂 It made the lunch run in the snow tranquil compared. 😛 I am proud, though, to be able to keep going all winter. Beats the treadmill any day.

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