Dress Apocalypse

I am wearing a dress today. Yes, yes I am! Honest! No jeans in sight here! No hoodie either. Totally! (Have I mentioned I love where I work? yeah… Very casual here.)

I took a deep breath this morning and donned a dress I bought at The Gap for $1 on a Boxing Week promotion. ‘Tis blue (duh!) and made out of t-shirt material (read: comfy, not clingy, and definitely wash and wear. I have kids, yo). I did wear leggings underneath because, well, its winter out there and I really didn’t feel like freezing my legs and girly bits. You know, it feels kind of nice, and since most dresses I put on make me look pregnant, I’m quite pleased that I don’t, at the present moment, look… err… Pregnant. (Not that it can happen ever again. Never. Like Ever. *cue Taylor Swift song*)

Close your jaws, folks. Its true. I’m wearing a bonafide, feminine, drawstring-waist dress. No special occasion, unless you love Tuesdays so much that you think indeed there is. Then, well, go you! I myself enjoy Thursdays.

I think the Four Horsemen are going to ride through the door at work and ask the Commisionaires “We seek the woman who nary dons a frock! We have an appointment, for prophesy has foretold upon foresaking the customary denim coverings, she shall unleash the hounds of Hell and begin End-times.” They’ll show up at my cubicle with visitor name badge stickers on their armour and be all like “Milady! You must hasten away, and spread mayhem throughout the realm with us as your noble knights.” and I’ll be all like “Dudes… Can I finish this PDF first? I have a deadline.”

Or something like that.

*Yes, I am being silly, and thos blog post must not be taken with any seriousness whatsoever. You may return to regularly scheduled programming now, or let me know if you want me to swing by with my
horsemen, pick you up, and we’ll go mayhem together. Maybe you could wear a dress too? I bet you’d look great. We’ll match the gemstone on your sword’s hilt to it. Ok. Stopping now…



2 thoughts on “Dress Apocalypse

  1. Allee January 9, 2013 / 6:12 am

    today, I will wear a dress today as well, in your honour. I love dresses but not in the winter, girlie bits ans all that.

  2. Tracey Ives January 9, 2013 / 12:29 pm

    Im SO not a dress girl. Maybe I’ll keep trying. 🙂 PS you crack me up!

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