Burpees with Wicked Wobble

Today, I hit the gym to have a fun workout with some friends, and took my son to the child play centre there. It was incredible to know my child was safe, I could go work out, and not be haggling for time with my husband. A novelty, this! I may go back tomorrow morning for my cardio.

I was tempted to leave him there and go do some shopping (the location is in a grocery store), but… That wouldn’t be fair. My son loves shopping with me.

I went to a women’s only location of my gym for the first time, and was really quite impressed with the facilities compared to the Co-ed locations. Of course, it is a lot nicer than my regular location, but I loved the fact that there was enough equipment to go around, a variety of equipment to work with, and… Space! To move!  More than a postage stamp sized mat to do exercises on!

So… That was what we did. We moved! My favorite of the workout was burpees. Yes. Burpees. Not even regular burpees! But BOSU Ball burpees! Indeedy!

Just so you know, they suck. They made me wobble, and I was sure I was going to do a faceplant into the bottom of the BOSU (because I am a dork). At the end of the set, I was out of breath, and a little pukey. They are way harder than regular burpees. Way.

So I have to do more of them, obviously. Besides, I have to burpee up for the Spartan race in June! I have a feeling I will be doing burpees beside some obstacles. *sigh*

Here’s a video explaining just what the heck I mean by a BOSU Ball burpee:

Yeah, I did that.


One thought on “Burpees with Wicked Wobble

  1. Katie Squires January 4, 2013 / 10:28 pm

    I am so happy you liked my favourite place 🙂 that’s my “home” gym…and its a great little place. I love the women there. So enjoyed our Sweaty Playdate.

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