Life, with Shoes!

So I took the latter half of December off of blogging and such because, well, *&#% got crazy near Christmas. And Christmas with two little kids under 5, plus travelling to in-laws, plus parties and baking and shopping makes for no time to do anything but eat, sleep, eat some more, and then sleep. Did I mention the eating thing?

*urp* I know I gained weight, and I know I slacked on my fitness a wee bit. I’m being kind and I am not letting it frustrate

My Wonderful Gen 12’s, all pink and perfect.

me. I got this, yo. January, look OUT!

I’ve done some running over the month despite my gym time sliding towards the zero mark in the last half of the month, and realized that my pink Adrenalin GTS 12’s were done. Done done. As in “OW $%^*ITY OW!” when I ran. Even insoles, tried for the first time on a friend’s birthday run the day after our first of three Snowmageddons didn’t help. I managed 8.5k in them before my right calf muscle said “*$%^ you lady, I’m done.”. To be fair, we were running through inch-deep slush and snow and crackling, salted snow pack… But dang.

I soothed my somewhat-disappointed self with chicken and waffles at the Mill St. Pub. Oh… The carby goodness will not soon be forgotten. I want to go there for my Birthday dinner, with the kids. Which is very soon. Like in 9 days.
(my unofficial New Years)

My Sunday morning runs are going really well too, and I had some great runs with Run Club in preparation for my first official 10k at the Resolution Run on December 31. I also had a couple of lovely downtown runs with friends. Also? I love running, even though for the first 4 kilometres of every stinkin’ run I hate it. In my head I go “WTF is this? Why am I doing this?” Then at kilometre 5 and 6 I am Mary-Frickin’ Sunshine and can go on and on.

Laura pic heels
My feet, at the Four Weeks to Fit Dressy Gab. Lookit! Ankles!

So yeah. Progress. That WTF feeling used to be constant, and waaay louder in my head.

I leapt out of my comfort zone and went to a party where I had to put on a fancy party dress. I know, right? Me + fancy dress = hilarity. I dug the Spanx out, and found an industrial pair of high waist corset panties to go overtop. I double-supported, which most people would think is nuts. I did that cuz, see… Spanx have a “pee hole” in them, and I felt, with the shortness of said dress I wanted to wear, it would not be appropriate to potentially have my lady town either flashed to my friends, or have “direct contact” with the host’s chairs and the like. So I was double sucked-in, well covered, and the dress fit amazing!

Also? I could still breath and eat. Score!

The reason for the party was a “four weeks to fit” challenge to fit into holiday dresses. It was tough, but I managed to whittle my upper waist area a bit, and I wore my sparkly blue dress and sparkly blue heels to the party to celebrate all our achievements, not just in the four weeks, but for the year! I was able to walk about in my crazy heels a bit, and we even got our pictures done. I didn’t hate mine that much either, which was a good thing.

new GTX
My new Brooks Adrenalin GTX 12’s. Much, much love for the Gore-Tex!

I was feeling sorry for my running self for the second half of December as well, staring morosely at my beat up pink running shoes whenever I got the urge to go run. I was worried I would not have shoes to keep going this winter, what with the price replacing my duds and our Christmas bills, it was feeling like new shoes were not gonna happen.*Cue sad face and much pouting as we drove past Running Room or Bushtukah*

So… Well… My husband is the best husband in the history of ever, because under the tree for me this year was a pair of Adrenalin GTX Trail shoes! Gore-Tex makes my feet happy. Trail tread makes my dorkus-trippus-in-snowus status null and void. They are stiff, and a bit different, but I’m getting used to them.

I wore them last night for the Resolution Run (which was my first 10k “race” and went very, very well) and even though I’m still breaking them in, I felt a lot better than my old faithful pink Gen 12’s. My sweet, sweet white and pink runners are retirement bound (to be donated to the running shoe pile at Tough Mudder). I’m somewhat emotionally attached to them, so it will be hard to say goodbye. They saw me through my first summer of running, I ran my first race in them, achieved some massive PR’s in them. It is necessary though. They aren’t even in good enough shape to be transitioned to treadmill runners. I have my old Gen 11’s for that, which are in better shape, and still somewhat springy despite their age. Go figure!

I’ll have to get a new pair of road shoes come Spring, and perhaps some good general purpose gym shoes… But let’s cross that hurdle when it arrives. I am also thinking a stride analysis is necessary. I want to keep running injury free!

Shoes, shoes, shoes… To make a correlation to a specific thing in my life; If not for my shoes, I think my world might be a lot more boring!

So now I look forward to my next goal, which is Tough Mudder. I start swimming lessons this coming Saturday (more on that scary, heart-palpitation inducing hurdle soon) and am hoping to double my efforts at the gym and nag people for schedule Run Club runs. I also have to lay out my race plan for the year, other than Tough Mudder and Army Run in September. I am not going to over-schedule races in the summer, since my Hubs has decided to try the Spartan Trifecta.

Oi. It is going to be a fun year! I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Life, with Shoes!

  1. Katie Squires January 1, 2013 / 3:21 pm

    You were sparkly and beautiful at the party! SEXY indeed in those shoes 🙂 I love how attached to your old shoes you are, they hold a key bit of your history, and I can’t wait to see what stories these new shoes will tell!

    • Sabby January 2, 2013 / 9:56 am

      It does sometimes seem strange to get so attached to material things, but I do associate memories to things very easily. I’m a lot better than I used to be. I think it comes from being able to live in one place for most of my life. My husband does not get attached to anything, having moved around so much. I still have toys from when my DAD was a kid, and my husband doesn’t have any of his childhood toys at all.

      I think it is important to keep some things from our past, to help tell our history. that is why I love (and miss!!!) scrapbooking so much. It helps tell our stories and pass them along.

      I can’t wait to make memories with these new shoes too! 🙂

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