Bad-@#% Hat

20121219-141413.jpgToday I decided I was going to wear my Bad-$%# hat. All day. Not take it off (ok so I took it off to get a good picture of it for ya…). Even at work.

So far, no one has said anything, in fact, I’ve had compliments on it. Shiny.

I bought this hat awhile ago, and it has been kind of a go-to when I need to feel strong, courageous, and sporty. I wanted to not feel cranky, stressed out, and frustrated, so on went the hat. It is also a reminder of my goal, as you can see, and I fully intend to buy (if they have them) a Tough Mudder patch to sew onto it when I am finished that challenge in May. If no patch, I’ll get 2013 embroidered on it somewhere.

Funny how a hat can make or break a mood, but I’ll take it.

I feel better today already, my grumblies lifting a bit, even with aching calves and shins (Shoe fairy! I need new running shoes!). I am also done my Christmas shopping (which may be helping in the stress reduction realm). All that is left is for my husband to get the last stocking stuffers for the kids, and to take my son shopping for moi and his parentals. Oh, 20121219-141434.jpgand food shopping for Christmas Eve. And wrapping all the awesome gifts we got, and finding stocking holders and… *gasp* and… baking moar cookies… and…

Ok Crazy OCD self… Stawp! Breath! *headdesk*

I am also sporting a sticker my daughter gave me this morning while she was playing. She walked over, plopped it on my hand, looked at me, and with all seriousness, pointed and said “stick’r”. Then, she turned, and walked away, matter of fact. What it did tell me was that she is more important than the last minute gift-buying, the perfect decorations, or the stress I give myself this time of year, so I need to settle down and revel in hers (and my son’s) amazement at the lights, the decorations, the excitement. It will all get done, it will all be awesome, and I will make it so by not stressin’, wearing my Bad-$%# hat, and being happy.

No way am I takin’ either hat or sticker off until I have to. They are both helping today.




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