What’s a Food Industry to Do – A Frank Talk About Food

So, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, a professor here at the University of Ottawa, has posted a video of a talk he was supposed to make at a food industry-breakfast. He was dis-invited to this breakfast (in a rather rude way… He explains), and, in response, he posted the talk up on Youtube so that he could perhaps broaden the audience for what he considers an important topic.

I watched it, and after my fiftieth “HELL YEAH!” moment while listening, I decided y’all should watch it too.

My thanks and kudos to Dr. Freedhoff for putting this out there. It resonated with me. Hubs and I have changed the way we eat in a big way because of my Diabetes, and the want to be healthier in general. We’ve come to some of the relevations in this video as we read labels and went “Whaaaaat? Nooooo.” and gained knowledge of what, exactly, DHA, Omegas, and “no added sugar” really means.

Check it out, have a listen/watch, and please share it to your network. What Dr. Freedhoff says is very provoking, and for some, might just be eye-opening!


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