Oreo Therapy

Last night, as I did some secret shopping, I bought myself a chocolate-covered Oreo to have as a treat.

My eyes crossed as I ate it, and I may or may not have made that happy sound women make when they find chocolate that is soothing some deep-down unexplainable need… In the middle of the crowded mall.

Sure, I like chocolate sometimes… *cough* understatementoftheyear *cough*

By this time in my day, I had done a frickin’ awesome Run Club run, blitzed outside to move our yet-to-be-put-together Little Tikes Castle out of the way, dragged all the bikes/toys/random things into the shed, and randomly rescued my daughter off of slippery things she wanted to climb on, or stopped my son from riding down his slide with his Tonka Bulldozer firmly underneath him. Have you ever seen someone, who after running their longest distance continuous, attempt to sprint to a child who is about to do a Stupid Thing™? Yeah, folks, that is a funny sight. Half duck waddle, half hop, if I had started making Camel noises, I coulda made America’s Funniest Home Videos and won that cash.

I mean it.*Muuuurahhh*

After lunch, we toured Home Depot and Canadian Tire as a family (fun times), and once I had delivered the family home, I traipsed to IKEA (OMG bad idea! Why do people go so crazy in IKEA? I went in for some metal panels and the top to the kid’s play kitchen. There were people buying the entire store) with a brief stop at the mall.

To say my feet hurt would be an understatement. My feet were screaming bloody blue murder, and were threatening to walk off the job that instant if I did not show them some love. Where, exactly would they go, though? The thought of my feet taking me to some random place seems humorous, and somewhat enticing. Likely right to a spa where they can get a massage and a pedicure. Cuz, yeah… I need one. Badly.

Help a girl out! My piggies are pretty sad.

I also need new running shoes, because my shin splints and knee soreness feels way worse after a run (Duh, really Sparky? Pavement + pounding=fluffy clouds of bliss, right?) but not after a gym workout with my older, yet not as worn Brooks runners. I replaced my red Gen 11’s with my pink Gen 12’s as my main running shoe, and spent the summer running a pile of miles with them. They are done, I can really feel the road in them, and they are squishy under my heel. I may not even keep ’em as grass cutters. Maybe I’ll keep them for Tough Mudder, and throw them into the donate pile.

I am hoping that Santa can bring me a pair of new runners. Mama wants new trail shoes for winter.

So that Oreo? Yeah, it was that good. It made it all better for that brief moment. Then someone whacked me with a shopping bag, right on my right shin, and reality thudded back. Doh…

…Shoulda bought two chocolate-covered Oreos. *twitch*


2 thoughts on “Oreo Therapy

  1. Tracey Ives December 10, 2012 / 10:13 pm

    Chocolate covered oreo’s. Woah.

    I’m hoping those new sneaks are under the tree for ya! Comfortable shoes make all the difference imo! Lovin mine and so happy to not have pinchy toes every run!

    And-as IF you just “casually” throw in the “longest continuous ever” !!!!! To quote YOU…”Kermitflail” 🙂

    • Sabby December 10, 2012 / 10:18 pm

      You too longest run! So excited for that! come summer, when we have evening daylight, I can’t wait for longer Run Club runs with big groups, so we can share the awesome!

      I will likely go buy new shoes myself at some point soon. I just have to find the cash LOL!

      Godiva chocolates. You won’t be disappointed.

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