Thankful and Happy

Post-run endorphins today are making me grin stupidly in my cubicle while I attempt to wrestle my Technical Diddley into submission (both literally and figuratively). “Settle down, margins! You just stop your whining, word processor! I will put my numbered list there if I want to, darn you!”

*ahem* the joys of my job.

I’m just feeling happy, content, and blessed and had to share it with everyone. No other reason for this post than that, I think. *checks reasons to blog* Yup, it is allowed.

I met up with a new friend Allee from for a quick lunchtime run. I ran to meet her, then we did a short loop around Parliament Hill, and I ran back to the office while she continued on for a longer run downtown.

Seriously folks, I get to run in one of the most awesome places, downtown Ottawa. It is beautiful, accessible, and has loads of pathways and interesting places. I feel so lucky sometimes as I run through some of our most historic locations, past statues, revered buildings, or interesting nooks and crannies of our Nation’s Capital.

Part of the reason for the run meet up was so she could gift me with a new running jacket, which I tried out on the run. It is a Reflective Jacket from Running Room, and has been on my wishlist forever! It didn’t fit her anymore and she wanted to pass it along. It now has a very appreciative home with me! I gave her a donation to her Team Diabetes race goal as a thank you.

Kind of a personal thing, that, so ROCK ON Allee! Diabetes sucks. Check her blog out, send her a message, donate to her cause, yo!

The best part of this new jacket is that its almost the same colour my Mustang was, which made me happier than I can describe (*sniff-sniff*. I miss my big, bad-*#$ car sometimes). I may or may not be wearing my new jacket right now on my coffee break, typing away, chair dancing because I am that happy right now (It is also cold in this here office, Brrr).


Running with a skiff of snow everywhere, seeing all the other bundled up folks running along, was also motivating. I am now part of that group of runners that layer up, go outside in winter, and run. I felt proud of myself for being out there, I was happy with myself for my achievements this year to be able to do so, and above all else, I felt immensely thankful for having somewhat salted and cleared surfaces to run on. It was Me and my friend, me in my hot neon pink hat and neck warmer, bopping along, my new merino wool socks making me so thankful, and realizing I have been running in the wrong sock all summer (except for my rainbow socks, those still rock).

I mean, my toes don’t hurt AT ALL afte my run. Not one peep out of my piggies. I am in Heaven!

I grabbed onto the happiness I felt inside as soon as I got back to work, having such a fun lunchtime sojourn away from my desk.

Today is a good day.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “Thankful and Happy

  1. Allee November 28, 2012 / 3:29 pm

    I love this post, I love that running made you happy and I love that my jacket has a nice new home, it looks great on you.

  2. Katie Squires November 28, 2012 / 3:41 pm

    I love how much you appreciate and see the gift of not only having the health to run that run today but do do it in such beauty. Your a bright light girl 🙂 Also glad to see you and Allee hooking up…pretty neat actually.

  3. Tracey Ives November 29, 2012 / 9:55 am

    I love your enthusiasm Caroline! I also felt like that the other day on my first “snow” run….A complete high thinking about the fact that somehow, someway, I’ve become someone that I used to see running outside in snowy conditions and think was nuts. LOL It was a sunny day on Sunday and Tuesday when I ran…and I turned my face up to the sky and closed my eyes a few steps and just……sighed. Sometimes, it all still seems crazy to me, how I got here. I love that I get to share it all with others who “get” it….and encourage it. 🙂

  4. Sabby November 30, 2012 / 11:40 am

    Thank you ladies! I lovelovelove my new jacket, and it kept my bum warm last night really well. 🙂 I am looking forward to running in flurries… there is something so incredibly magical about silently falling snow and being out in it. I used to love standing in the doorway of the barn, listening to the horses munch hay, and watching the world get covered in white. Now, my crazy running side wants to go out and experience that same winter zen while on a run.

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