Running and Cyclocross?

So. this is happening.

My husband and I are doing it.(read: I talked him into it).

Last minute sign up, encouragement from my running partner from the weekend, and a desire to do another 5(ish)k race before snow flies made me thump the VISA down. At only $15 a pop, its a relatively inexpensive race, and looks like a TON of fun. Obstacles and cross-country running? Bring it on!

The course is at a (former) riding facility here in Ottawa, The National Capital Equestrian Park, and is run in conjunction with a cyclocross event.We get to run the course first, then the crazy folks with bikes get a go. I plan on staying to watch a bit, and have some lunch. Hey, its kind of like a date, just with more mud. OH, and I get to run with a new friend. Double bonus!

I am going to try and get my hubs to wear his Tough Mudder head band. I am going to try not to fall and break something. Heh…

What is Cyclocross, you ask? I had no idea either, so I exercised some Google-Fu and here is a great video demonstrating it:


Yup, we get to run what they are going to cycle. Neat, eh?


2 thoughts on “Running and Cyclocross?

  1. wordywort November 6, 2012 / 1:50 pm

    Ok, that video wasn’t as scary as I feared. There’s a half hour for “warm up” during which I want to practice jumping over “barriers” without breaking a leg. And by “breaking a leg,” I mean BREAKING A LEG.

    • Sabby November 6, 2012 / 3:01 pm

      LOL! No breaking legs allowed. Yeah… There might be stairs, and wee hurdles, and some hills. I am curious to see if they include any of the horse cross-country jumps. That would be hilarious to me. I’m not going to worry about warming up too much. I want to be surprised. 🙂

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