Surprising Myself

Remember when I said I was getting nervous about running 10k in December? That I had given myself a bit of an “OMG” moment when I realized I had to double my comfortable mileage in two months and was pulling out the whole “Heave-ho, Let’s go!” motivation strategy? That I was worried I wouldn’t get to test the distance before I had to run it race day?

Yeah. That. So… I suppose I may have been prematurely freaking out. This weekend, well… I ran 10k. 10.43k to be exact.

Yes, with short stops for sips of water and refuel, yes with a potty break for my running-partner, but we covered it! Neither of us had ever covered that distance before, and I know I was nervous. My running partner, I have no idea if she was or not. She seemed super calm and focused, so I drew from that and it kept me going when I wanted to stop. She is much more experienced as a trail runner than I, and that also helped me keep moving. I had to keep up with her. I’m hoping I did not slow her down too much.

I really liked running with her.

I could not have done that without a partner, I am quite sure. There were moments where I thought I was nuts to keep going, and debating saying “ok I’ve had enough”. But, each time, we would round a bend, she would be trucking along, and I would get re-energized and I would tell my brain to %*@$ off. Running on trails is so different from the road, and the changing scenery made it easier to get distracted from the numb feet, aching calves, and stiff quads too. I never got to the “Flat-foot-slap” tired stage, and the wee stops for water helped a lot.

I also tried two new GU flavours for this run. Chocolate something-or-other and Vanilla Bean. Seriously, how do people stomach them? They didn’t upset my tummy, but man alive, they taste nasty. I didn’t like the fruity flavoured ones either, so… *shudder*. And no, they are not the same as cupcake icing. Whoever put that in the review I read was LIEING.

I am going back to Clif Shots. They’re like gummies or Turkish Delight. Much more fun.

No matter with the nasty GU and nerves on my part, we had a great time, met lots of folks out for walks, and jumped rocks, mud puddles, trees and brush. We enjoyed some fantastic soft footing, some wee hills (most of the NCC trails near me, save a few, are flat), and when we got back, I felt like a million bucks (not that I know what that feels like… But I can imagine it would feel pretty awesome, like I did).

So here I am, a day later, still kind of in shock that I did that. I. Ran. TEN KILOMETRES! I had set up the trail run as a 11k in total, and my partner and I had both said if we needed to walk we would. I was suprisingly not worried, maybe because there was only a bit of pressure to do the distance, and we had no time goals in mind, other than to complete before dark (which comes too early now, with the time change! %$#@*)

This, itself, is an achievement I did not expect to accomplish anytime soon, to be honest. I had signed up for Resulution Run 10k, and was optimistic, but wasn’t going to be really upset if I had to walk some. I still may do 10:1’s, we shall see. But, now I know I can, just like when I did 5k for the first time, I look back behind me and now, the distance isn’t some massive beast hungering to chew me up and spit me out. It is conquered, and I conquered it.

I love running. This summer I have battled some big-$#% demons with this simple, cardio activity. I have slain some confidence issues that crept in with time and weight. I have spit into the face of the Diabetes Beast. I have created a common activity my husband and I can do together. I hope I am changing how my kids see me. It is now a part of me again, like it was in High School. It is something I will always do. I am so grateful for the ability to do this. Every day.

*Grand sweeping music*

Sorry, sappiness over, folks. I can’t do that for very long before it itches.

*Vinyl record needle scratch*

As an aside, my husband, every time I cover a new longest distance, says the most annoying thing ever, which makes me want to bop him on the head (in a loving, caring way). I said, last night, “Honey, I just ran 10k!” and he said, as nonchalantly as possible (paraphrased)”I knew you could do it, you need to believe in yourself more.” AUGH! Can I just have a “Way to go!”, or a “SUPER DUPER AWESOME HONEY!” complete with fistbumps, chest-bumps, or bum-pats? It drives me nuts that he turns my milestone achievements into quasi-chastisements of my ability to believe, and push myself.

I just could be reading into it too much and I know he really means well… But really, darling dearest love of my life, really? *sigh*

So, now I have validation I can do 10k, and next time I attempt it I will be way more excited to crank it out, knowing I can do it. I am capable, even though my knees and calves are pissed off at me today and refusing to work right. Advil is my friend. No, more than that, Advil and I have a wonderful, deep committed relationship to one another today.

Bring on Tough Mudder in May. I feel a little bit more ready now.


5 thoughts on “Surprising Myself

  1. wordywort November 5, 2012 / 12:33 pm

    Other than stopping for a pee break in the middle of her first 10k, I hardly recognize this partner of yours! This put a huge smile on my face, and I better own that calm, focus, and experience. Let’s do it again soon!

  2. Katie Squires November 5, 2012 / 1:23 pm

    Shouting YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! so very proud of you 🙂

  3. Sabby November 5, 2012 / 1:39 pm

    Yes! We must! I think sooner rather than later, before snow, right? I’m glad you enjoyed.

  4. Sabby November 5, 2012 / 1:41 pm

    Thanks Katie! I am now way more confident. I could get used to this feeling of achieving new distances… Next up will be trying for 16k before Tough Mudder, I think.

  5. Allee November 6, 2012 / 5:06 pm

    Well done. I get the same reaction at home from my marathon man, they don’t get it but we do. So high five, fist bump and WAY TO GO, I will save the pat on the butt till I know you better or if you are in way on race day, jk 🙂

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