The world of supplements is one I have long avoided.

Knowing it is an unregulated industry, I get that the labels don’t have to be accurate, and sometimes, I wonder about just what is in that supplement that everyone is touting. “Raspberry keytones will help you lose weight!”, “Recover after a workout with this protein shake that is supposed to taste like chocolate!”, “Lab-made Ginger essences will rev your metabolism!”, “Here, drink this concoction of Sloth poop, random synthesized chemicals, and Moroccan Mint! You’ll be instantly revitalized!” (ok, so the last one is made up… I hope.).

So I have been hesitant to pop more than a multivitamin or a Vitamin D supplement, overly worried about what concoctions of chemicals and super-ingredients would do to my innards. I also patently refuse to even contemplate weight-loss supplements with Creatine or Guarana, or guzzle energy drinks. Those scare me, and I truly believe those massive cans of caffeine-stuffed drinks should have an age limit enforced on them, like alcohol.

I love my caffeine-fix, don’t get me wrong, but these drinks are killing some of the young people who drink them. *shudder*

Supplements, if not taken carefully and with full knowledge of their ingredients could be harmful, and I don’t want to find out the hard way that the “wonder drug” is really an easy way of saying heart palpitations and sweating, shakes and health problems. I’ve tried natural cleanses, probiotics, and “greens” supplements (Not Greens+ brand, haven’t tried that) in the past, with some modicum of success and expected results.

The cleanse worked very well, probiotics are awesome (eat yer yogurt, Hippie!), but the greens supplement tasted nasty and gave me the trots. The “natural” flavour turned out to be MSG, which I get thumping migraines from (yay!). WHO PUTS MSG IN A HEALTH SUPPLEMENT? Seriously…

But, now that I am watching what I eat moreso than ever before, and I am busier than ever before, I have realized a few things.

  1. I don’t have time for breakfast. With two kids to chase and herd out the door, time to cook eggs and various other yumminess in the morning is not an option. A bowl of cereal or a piece of toast shoved down is NOT appropriate for a Diabetic either. Yeah, yeah, get up earlier, blah blah… You finally fall into bed around 11, wake up twice with a toddler, and tell me waking up at 5:30 the next AM is easy… *grump* Where’s my coffee…
  2. I am not eating as much carb as before, and sometimes I do not eat enough for my activity level, or end up eating the wrong type of carb (white pasta anyone? White rice? Eep.) Yeah. That. I bet Chris and Heidi Powell would stare at me in horror as I stood at the sink, shoving pasta casserole down my maw in order to get out the door in time for Run Club. Quelle Horreur!
  3. We have scaled back how much meat we eat in favour of lots of veg and fruit and simple grains, beans and lentils (have you SEEN the price of chicken lately? I can buy a car cheaper). This means I am not getting as much lean protein as I used to, and I think my iron levels are dipping.

So, with those things in mind, I have opened the book on the dreaded supplement. *cue horror screaming*.

I think I may need to add a protein supplement to my morning, to make smoothies and shakes in the trusty ole Magic Bullet. That should help with breakfast being filling, as well as make them functional for my nutrition and fueling for fitness. Likely I will need to look at a winter multivitamin to keep my iron and Vitamin D up, establish a healthy level of Omegas. I just read today that Omegas can lubricate joints, and reduce inflammation. Bring it on then! My arthritic joints are begging for something to help. *crrrrr-ack*

All these pills and powders and additives make my head spin. Crazy. Gonna have to get one of those pill cases that they give out to Senior Citizens. Maybe I can get a pink, sparkly one… Hmm…

I am hoping to rely on the fabulous and expert advice at Rainbow Foods, or perhaps Fit Shop for my questions as I figure this out, but hey, lurkers… Give me your favorite protein supplements, delicious smoothie recipes, and trusted brands of vitamins. What works for you?

As long as they don’t contain any Sloth poop, we’re all good.


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