Motivating Ideas

I have been toying with the idea of motivating myself better lately. UH-RAH and GOGOGO and all that stuff (insert motivational poster from Facebook).I have had to relearn how to do this over the course of the summer, and really made huge inroads on how best I do motivate myself.

But, as with all learning adventures, there are ups and downs. Shamefully, the wheels have come off the clean(er) eating machine, and I know my up-down blood sugars have been affecting my moods, sleep, and energy to exercise. I’ve been a draggy, cranky, sourpuss-$@#&* lately, especially in the morning or before meals. I have not seen the scale budge, even with more muscle definition in my body, and feeling stronger and faster. I don’t define my health by that scale, but I would love to see myself get down into the 180’s soon. It would be nice, you know what I’m sayin’?

How can I get off my %$# better? How can I motivate better? I am hard on myself, and every day I miss a chance to workout, or don’t eat the way I should, I get mad at myself and end up feeling awful. Thus continuing the self-berating, critical beastly self-treatment that has been making it difficult to get my arse moving or not pick up the comfort food because well *&%^ it.

(I am in a potty-mouth mood, sorry y’all…)

Yes, I am sure in some way I am overthinking it. I am still running, and I am doing well. I feel stronger, I feel slimmer, and when the food and sleep are in order, I have mucho energy! *boing* Just last night, I helped carry in our new couch Above! My! Head! with my husband and it was not heavy for me. *cue cheering crowd with vuvuzelas*

So why am I worrying about my motivation levels? I think I have scared myself with my new mini-goal of doing 10k in December. Just like I was scared in the Spring to do 5k, I am now freakin’ out jes a wee tich about 10k. Haven’t run that far yet. I may or may not get a chance by December to do so. If I continue on the up/down eating thing, I won’t be able to out-train the bad diet to make the distance. So ergo… Worried.

So now, I am saying to myself again “%$#^ got real today, let’s nut up and figure out how to get this done, eh?”.

Some stuff I am doing, or thinking about doing:

  1. I have toyed with the idea of paying myself $2 for each full kilometre I run. This way, when I complete a goal (10k in December) I can use that wad of cash to purchase something for my running. Or pay off a bill, whatever. If I run 15k a week, lets say, for 4 weeks, that is…. *pulls out calculator app on iPhone* $120 bucks! A new pair of runners can be bought for that, likely. Or fancy winter running clothes. Or a fuel belt… Oooh. I could use it to enter a race or two… Hmm…
  2. I am actively seeking out running partners. Running with my running club has proven to me that it works. I am more confident, and I LOVE the social aspect. So I am looking for running partners. Not all the time, but I do want to develop that network so that when I am feeling more sloth-like than fleet-footed, I have accountability to go.
  3. Exercise challenges! I love these on my weight loss support group. I may not be the best, or do the most, but I try to fit more exercise into my day this way. Last week was squats (love these!) and this week is plank, which I have a love/hate relationship with. Seriously. We fight a lot, but I just can’t quit Plank. Why? Because I ended it with Situps, we had a big falling out when I broke my tailbone. It was messy. Lots of crying.
  4. I want to set more “Mini Goals” and keep accountable to them (Fitocracy or something…). I set one today of trying to achieve a 10 minute mile on the treadmill at the gym by end of November. If I do, I am going to buy myself a medicine ball for at home (Love me some weighted Russian Twists!). Another mini-goal will be to try and do some form of bodyweight exercises every day in the morning! If I do that until the end of November, maybe I’ll throw a reward of a face muffler for outdoor running into the mix.
  5. I must look into starting each day with a proper, protein-rich breakfast. Maybe smoothies or shakes in the Magic Bullet? I perform a dance to “Flight of the Bumblebee” in the morning and forget to eat. When I remember, its a quick bowl of cereal or toast with PB as I hop along pulling jeans over my legs, a comb through a constantly moving child’s head, and lunchbags out of the fridge. I am not a morning person, so getting up at dark o’clock to get a head start is very much not me. I need to look up a good breakfast shake, and a good protein powder I can have, as a Diabetic.

SO, readers out there in lurky-lurky land, I want some off-the-wall, or tried-and-true ideas for motivating yourself. What makes you fire on all cylinders? How do you push through the suck to get it done, and stay on track? How do you do it?


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