Up and Down

Today is going to be a better day, because darnitall… It has to be.

Yesterday I was so excited about running. I was happy to get back to it, feeling better than last week, wanting to get out there. I had my route all planned out to be near lots and lots of trees to check out Fall colours. I was going to RUN HAPPY, DAMMIT! I was also fueled by goal endorphins.

I have a new goal race (Note to self: must update goal sidebar) of the Resolution Run on December 31st, with my husband. We are doing the 10k. WOO ME! Gonna run the 10! I’m confident I can do the distance, whether with 10:1’s or not. My husband will have to shuffle-step with me, but this is more about us doing something together, moreso than trying for an awesome time.  Plus, you get a kick-butt jacket. Swag like that rocks.

*chair dance*

But, as with plans of mice and men, everything went pear shaped and I had to throw in the towel on my run. (Hoo doggy, there are more clichés in that sentence than you can shake a stick at!). About an hour before I was due to lace up, I experienced a low blood sugar. @#$%.

I thought it might be because I did not eat my snack soon enough, but I have a feeling it was a combination of Metformin, exhaustion, and food. The past few days, taking two pills in the AM has given me funny-tummy, and I’ve felt off. I chalked it up to not feeling my best last week, and cutting back on my carbs a bit, trying to eat better at breakfast. I have not drastically changed my breakfast food, I know I am still eating enough so the pills don’t upset my tummy (you have to take it with food or else…).

So… Needless to say, yesterday sucked. I got sweaty, dizzy, shaky, and was able to get back into my desk chair before my vision started whiting out. I put my head between my knees, took deep calming breaths. and counted slowly to twenty. I crunched a dextrose pill, and said some swear words under my breath. Once the Dex took effect, I was able to get half a banana down without my hands uncontrollably shaking. My face, when I looked in the mirror, was white as a sheet.

Such a great look under flourescent lights. Ick.

By mid afternoon, I was recovered, but the upset to my body left me cold, weak, achy, headachy, and frustrated that I had missed such a great opportunity to have a lunch run on a gorgeous Fall day. It was sunny, warm(ish), and beautiful colours were blowing everywhere in the mild breeze. *@#$, man.

It was harsh trying to eat and restabilize myself. Low blood sugar makes me not want to eat anything, but ya gotta, or else. I felt like puking for a long time after, even when I tried to eat some of my lunch. I did not get much down. By evening I was veering on cranky, and short-tempered, and dinner was forced down, lest I have a repeat performance. Of course, my baby girl decided this was the night she wanted to stay up all hours, and my hubby said he had to work late.

Frickin’ brilliant with a side of awesomesauce. My exhausted self may or may not have yelled at a 20 month old when she wouldn’t lie down, and then both of us dissolving into tears. I win Parent of the Year for that (not). Hubby eventually rescued me and I hit the bed with a thump heard two houses over.

I was D-O-N-E.

Anyone who has dealt with a low blood sugar knows how terrifying they can be, and how utterly hollow and exhausting  they can be afterwards. How frustrating they are, when you know it can be prevented. How out-of-control you feel. I’ve said it a lot, but Diabetes sucks.

I am feeling 100% better today, and plan on running at lunch. It is overcast, blowy, and cold. Boo. but I am going! I need to get out and move after yesterday’s up and down. I have to.

I will NOT let this beat me.


2 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. wordywort October 24, 2012 / 3:54 pm

    A missed run, late husband, and insomniac toddler would have done me in – and I don’t have diabetes. I can only imagine what you’re dealing with, but I am rooting for you!

    • Sabby October 24, 2012 / 4:03 pm

      Thanks! It was a crazy day. But you know, had I had that kind of day before I started getting fit, I couldn’t have handled it. It was super hard not to turtle and demand my husband parent for the evening, but I am handling my stress a lot better than I used to, and I didn’t. Woo! Silver lining. LOL.

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