Shelving my Sparklies

Awhile ago, I bought these shoes, strictly because I wanted them, and for no practical reason other than they were made of awesome.

Serious, unabashed glittery awesome.

Really, they were to match a pretty blue dress I had found when looking for new jeans. The moment I tried them on in the store, I was immediately in love. Blue, sparkly, somewhat comfy… Hello shoes, welcome to my family! SO not work appropriate, or ones I would wear on a regular basis, but…

It has been a long time since I had bought something strictly because I loved it, and not for some other, more practical and required purpose. It made me feel guilty, indulgent, oh-so happy, and spontaneous!

I wore them for our dinners out at Tough Mudder, and felt girly and sexy… It also helped that they made me as tall as my husband, which he liked… A lot (hmmm). I lovedlovedlovedloved them. It felt frickin’ unbelievable to wear heels and not have my feet ache because of the extra weight on my body.

Yet another happy from this journey I am on to get fit and be healthy, right? *fistbump*

I had not been wearing heels in the past few years for several reasons. a) Pregnant, or overweight means these torturous shoes HURT like nothing else, and comfort always trumped fashion when wielding puffy preggo-feet, or baby, stroller, diaper bag and various other parental ephemera (including baby puke-stained t-shirt… Heh…). b) All my heels were too small after having my daughter. Since having kids, I have gone from a 7.5/8 to an 8.5/9. (Cue sobbing).

I wore these again (with the dress, finally!) out for a fancy date night with my hubby last month. I enjoyed being very dressy and female, and for the first time in a long time, could walk without wincing. I was glad to have them off at the end of the night, but it was a lot of fun to walk around in the Market with these. Heh… And I did NOT fall! Not even a bobble!

I was like one of those starlets you see on the red carpet with shoes that give most women nosebleeds. Well, maybe not quite, but it sure felt like I could be… Just minus the $100,000 in jewelry, and professional makeup job. Right…

However, there is a sad part to this post… Yeah… Sorry to be a total buzzkill. I’m still kind of pouting myself. I’ll be ok…

Not long ago, I hurt my right foot. I have no idea how, I think I may have strained or sprained the second toe. The pain has been on and off, and sometimes really, really hurts if I overdo it, wear pinchy shoes, or don flip flops. It doesn’t hurt when I run (wtf? Weird but welcome…), and I wear sneakers to work now to ensure that my foot gets proper support whilst healing. (Oh so stylish… Thank goodness I can wear jeans to work).

In talking to my doc when I was in with one of the kids, he said that I have what is referred to as Morton’s Toe. This means I have an abnormally longer second toe, and this can cause problems if I wear shoes with a narrow toe-box, shoes that are too small, or insanely tall high heels (like my Sparklies). It is a cause of over-pronation (which I already know is an issue in my stride) and can lead to having my legs and hips out of alignment. He noticed it was already starting to twist, which was also a sign I have slight hammer toes.

Stop… Hammertime! *nah-nahnahnah-nahnah-nahnah…Can’t touch this…*

The last thing I want is permanent pain or damage that could stop my running, so all other shoes except my runners, Crocs and slippers have been shelved. It kinda sucks, but I decided my running is too important to jeopardize, and I would prefer not to have twisty, nasty toes until the arthritis really takes hold in a few years. I can’t wait to freak out my grand kids with my gnarly, twisted up feet. “Come see Grandma’s feet! They’re turning into twisty trees!” (cue wee ones screaming).

Oh the fun we’ll have…

So, the other day I put these shoes on for fun, as I was organizing the master bedroom, still loving them, loving the way they make me feel sexy and female. I slipped the right shoe on, and then stood. Knifing pain went through my second toe, up into the ball of my foot, and across to my big toe.


I am gonna have to shelve my Sparklies for a little longer, I guess.



2 thoughts on “Shelving my Sparklies

  1. Tammy October 18, 2012 / 8:31 am

    Serious shoe envy over here!

    • Sabby October 18, 2012 / 8:36 am

      The best part? Totally affordable. Less than $50. I really do love them. Glad you do too!

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