Excuse me… I just Burpeed.

Tomorrow I am going to give a workout challenge a try that a friend just posted on a weight loss/fitness support group I am part of.

I’m going to try and do burpees* all day.

Ok, so maybe not in my cubicle, but tomorrow at the gym, I’ll aim for 40 burpees in my workout (IF I have room, the gym has a tiny, tiny stretch area that is always full). I may also go to the courtyard and do some there, if it isn’t raining. My co-workers may stage an intervention, or a leave form for “stress” might get slid across my desk.

But we’ve already established my nutty factor… I am sure it will be fine.

Of course, there is burpees in the morning (think I can get my kids to do them too?) and when I get home, which will technically be after the 5 pm deadline… But its when the time will be available, and really, if I do more after 5 pm, is that a bad thing? Hell no!

Burpees are not easy. Burpees kick my *@#. Burpees make my arms shake and my quads burn. This year, on my birthday, I have to do 36 in a row.

Bring it on.

*The Wikipedia entry for a burpee is here: Wikipedia Burpee Definition . They have a list of variants too!

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