Other Great Women You Need to Read

Hey gang, I wanted to share some of the Army Run post-race glow from some really neat women I have had the chance to get to know recently. Since I am now at home with a child who has one heckuva cold (read: I will have it soon, ugh) I got caught up on my reading and thought I should share!

Katie Squires ran the Half Marathon yesterday –  I’ve mentioned her before, she is one heck of an inspiration.

Mis(s)Mannered Mom ran the 5k, has a great recap, and puts her goal into perspective.

The Losing it in Ottawa site is one of my favorites to read and take heart in other folks like me. Barbara ran the Half Marathon and has her race weekend recap up today.

Ottawa Valley Moms has a cute recap – Erin apparently ran the 5k and her husband ran the 5k as a warmup for the half. Wow.

Read, enjoy, and to all those who did a blog post on their Army Run race, post your link in the comment so I can read it!


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