Army Run 2012, 5k – 37:10

I decided that instead of a big-arsed rambly post about my race today, I would do a big-arsed, rambly “Sabby List” of what an incredible, wonderful, amazing, AWESOME day it has been.

Officially, my time was 37:10. I have achieved a personal best time for running 5k, and I ran the whole thing, no intervals necessary. I kept my pace even (as I could) throughout, and it felt amazing to finish.

I *#@%$^& rocked it, yo!

So, my list of race highlights:

1. No Nerves! This morning, the calmness I used to experience competing my horses stole over me, and I stood in the corral, with nervous people all around me, quietly absorbing the energy. I was not tense, I was not scared as the gun went. I was freezing cold! Let’s move people, so I can warm up! Ack!

2. Next 5k, I will start much further up in the corrals. I started in the Purple corral (40 to 45 minutes), and I spent the first few minutes of the race dodging double-wide strollers, and people walking six abreast down the course. For most of the race, I weaved in and out. I had read about race etiquette to be sure I could follow “de rulez”. Walkers on the right, runners on the left. Folks seem to have not read the same articles I did. it is ok, I get it, but man, it was annoying having to constantly adjust my stride, or stop and change course to get around someone. And really, do you have to run hand in hand, lovebirds?

3. I got to keep my snazzy Adidas warm up pants that I got for $5 at Value Village! This made me very happy, since they are quite expensive to buy new. My husband and kids were able to stand right beside me at the edge of the corrals until the Howitzer sounded. It was nice to have them see me off (even if it was anti-climactic, at a shuffle).

Me with my sparkle tattoo, thrifted hoodie, and Army Run dog tag medal.

4. I passed a soldier with two prosthetic legs, walking with his family. He was jerking along reminding me of a wooden puppet, and I felt my stomach clench at the obvious effort this was for him just to walk, let alone be out in a crowd doing so. Right then and there, I said to myself “If he can do it; so can I.”. It made me run faster, and the last kilometre and a bit was my fastest of the race.

5. I finished kilometre 4 (just after I passed the soldier), and I realized I was going to do it. The goal I had given myself in the Spring was complete. Instead of crying (which I thought I would do) I ended up smiling so wide my face was hurting by the time I leapt across the finish line. It was this immense feeling of happiness that bubbled up and overwhelmed me, not tears.

6. I love my rainbow socks, and the girls at the water station loved them too. I hope they know it was a highlight to have them pointing and screaming “I love your socks!!!”. I do too.

7. My friend ran a PR of just over 30 minutes for her 5k today. She went for it, and got it! I am really chuffed for her. I have so many other new running friends who ran today, and they all had great finishes, and most PB’ed.

8. Seeing my husband and kids holding up crazy pink signs with their handprints all over it twice on the course was comforting and validating. “Mom is #1”, “Run like the wind!”. I never got to see what my husband wrote on his own sign, I’ll have to go look. My very own cheering squad! The first time I cut across the lanes, kissed all three of them, and continued on. The second time I didn’t. I could see the finish line, and I was going for it, man.

9. The Soldier protein bar in the “mess kits” gave me a headache. Reminder to self: Read ingredients before tearing into post-run food.

10. Another friend was there with her sparkle tattoo kit, and gave me one to match my socks. She did sparkle tattoos at my son’s birthday party as well, and she gave my son a green and blue lizard on his arm as we hung out post-race in Confederation Park. Thank you! You made my son’s day, and it was lovely to see you.

11. Van Halen, I love you. Your OU812 and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge CD’s are my running soundtrack from now on.

So there you have it. I finished, I feel amazing, and I want to run another 5k before winter. I also made a decision. Next year, if I can do it, I am going to run the half marathon, to cap off my second summer of running and being fit. Yup, A new goal!


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