Big Goal Eve

Tomorrow morning I lace up, don my race shirt, pin my bib and hop to it. Look for me, I’ll have rainbow knee socks on. I will likely stand out, unless everyone running has read my blog and stolen the idea. *evil eyes the Internets*

I would really, really love to hear “Go Sabby Go!” somewhere along the route. Just sayin’. HABO, folks!

Tomorrow is a Big Deal, and got here so quick! I set this goal way back in the Spring, when I was not sure if I could do it. When I was huffing my way for 2k and thinking it was #%^@$. It was a really amazing summer for me. But, the hard part is over now. The planning, training, and motivating is over. I have the Bugs Bunny Show theme song on constant repeat in my head “No more rehearsing, and nursing a part, we know every part by heeeeeart… And Oh what heights we’ll hiiiiiiiit, On with the show, this is it!” (please make it stop…)

I’m not nervous. Surprisingly, I am excited, I have those fun anticipation butterflies in my tummy doing interpretive dance. They’re quite expected, and oddly comforting. I am obsessing over my kit, packing the kid’s bags, and ensuring they have snacks and water. This helps, if I am planned, packed, and organized, to quell the “What if” roundy-round I will do tomorrow morning if I feel I have forgotten something.

Wish me luck, dear readers, for this is the first step on a lifelong path to achieving my fitness goals, and being a better mom, wife, and woman….. To achieve this dream and come through the chrysalis empowered beyo…..

Ok… *snort*

That was kinda over the top, even for a defining moment like this (because it is, really…)

Yeah… So instead, wish me luck for no bonking, quiet farts, not tripping, performing epic air drumming solos during my favorite songs, only crying a little bit, and rocking my finish photo.

Here is my starting song, for you to listen to and share in the awesome.

Van Halen- Right Now


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