Rocky Fist Pumps Are a Requirement

OK I had a whole post done again… and this time my phone ate it. I swear… I am having WordPress malfunction-itis right now. So, without further ado… Let me see if I can recreate it. (read: #%$@)


So, guess what this girl did?


Yup, I did. I ran 5k with no intervals, and just under 40 minutes. It was one of those moments, when I looked at my phone screen at the end of the run, I blinked, not realizing what I was seeing. Then it hit me. I PB’ed! I DID IT! Holy @#$%ing Hell-o Kitty I did it!

Right then and there, I did a Rocky Balboa with required fist pumps and optional dance moves. This was at the end of my street. My neighbours were likely wondering if I was being attacked by bees. (I will try Zumba one day, but it won’t be pretty, this I can affirm.)

This was a long time coming, this milestone. Last Thursday, I joined some ladies who run in a club together, and I PB’ed there too. Longest distance running without a need for a walk, fastest kilometre splits, and conquering yet another of my to-do list: running with a group. I will do more runs with these ladies (who were all very nice, by the way). It was very confidence-building, so I figured on Saturday, I’d go for it. I would give it my best shot to finish the distance running, not walking.

There is a long, slow hill at the very end of the loop I ran, and it nearly killed me as I ran up it. All I could do was gasp “@#$* you, hill.” and slow my pace. I gave myself full permission to walk once I reached the top (and thus the end of the loop-path) since running up that bleepin’ hill was a feat in itself. Once I got to the top, I just… kept going for some reason. And going. And… yep, going! I was a red-faced and gaspy Energizer Bunny! No, wait… I was a machine! A rock star! A freight train of awesome barrelling towards Brilliantville! I was….

Ok, enough. Heh. I was doing very well.

So, I am very proud of myself. I have achieved my goal. I remember awhile ago I wasn’t sure if I could do this. I was sure I would have to set up intervals. Now I know I don’t have to, and I can likely keep pace with the 40 minute pace bunny! Something I would not have dreamed I would be ready for when I started this whole notion in April. I have no delusions that my race on Sunday will be perfect. If I don’t stay with the pace bunny, that is ok. If I have to walk, I’ll be pissed at myself, but a race is different than a tranquil, happy solo trail run. Atmosphere, adrenalin, and competition vibe always changes things.

But now, with this achievement, I know I can try.


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