10 Personal Running Questions

The wonderful ladies at Another Mother Runner and Beth from Shut Up + Run both posted an entry with ten personal running-related questions, and then sent the challenge out.

Although mine won’t have any fancy pictures*, I figured I would throw my hat in the ring, and try and answer them.

Best run ever?

In the small amount of time I have been running again, I would have to say the best run I have had was the first time I was able to run continuously, with no walking. It was something I had been scared to try, because I didn’t want to fail, and discourage myself, so I had shied away from it. When I did it, I hadn’t realized I did until I stopped and said “What?” when my Runkeeper spit my pace and time back at me. I promptly did a bad rendition of the Charlie Chaplin Penguin Dance and then went home. I figure I was in the zen place where my mind floats off and my running becomes automagical. Awesome.

If you count best run ever in your personal history, it would be the first time I ran a 30-second 200 metre final in grade 11. I broke the tape, and it felt so incredible. Me, the short, mousy, waif of a girl, won! Somewhere, buried in a trunk at my father’s home, is a tiny pair of Nike running spikes that someday I will pull out, and while sitting in my rocker, sipping my whisky, will show my kids. “You know, back in the day…”

Three words that describe your running?

Slow. Yup, I am slow. I have short strides, and it makes me pokey. I am anywhere from high7 minute to mid 8 minutes per kilometre. It is hard for my husband to run with me, since he runs around 6 minutes per kilometre. This is why I am nervous to run in groups.

Jiggly. When I first start out, I feel my thighs and butt jiggling (I gots junk in da trunk, yo!) hurting that little bit when they bounce and pull on muscles. It can sometimes be a little embarrassing, especially if the running paths are busy and my arse is waving hello to folks as we pass. But (butt?) once I am running, I don’t notice it.

Gradual. I have been slowly building distance and amount of time spent running. I know a lot of people would not spend as much time as I have, but I am ok with that. Gradual has meant my knees aren’t sore. Gradual has meant I have no shin splints. Gradual has also meant I was not pushing my comfort zone, so I am trying to be less gradual. (Move that jiggly arse, sista!)

Your go-to running outfit?

Wal-mart has the best running capris. They are cheap (less than $20), and have given me a summer of use with no issues. they cover my dimpled thighs, and it means I only have to shave the bottom of my legs. They do, however, look ridiculous with compression socks. I am tempted to put on suspenders when I wear them together, and yodel.

My favorite running top is an Asics tank that makes me feel strong. I love where the edge of the arm holes hit my shoulder, it gives the illusion I have biceps. When I run, I feel awesome in it, and it breathes so well. The only downside it that it is white. I should not wear white. I have small children.

And of course, my shoes. I have a love affair with Brooks Adrenalin GTS. I bought my first pair after my son was born, and just bought my third pair this year. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to explain how much I love these shoes. My feet are one with the shoe, I do not have knee pain, and dammit, I love the Brooks tagline of “Run Happy”. Yes, I am easily swayed by advertising. I am ok with this.

Quirky habit while running?

I have an overwhelming need to smile, wave and say hello to every other runner I meet on runs. maybe it is my rural roots, or perhaps my need to be accepted into this strange and clique-y club called running, but it is a compulsion. Most runners don’t respond, which gives me a sad, but some do, and it makes my day! I also love it when they have horribly pained expressions on their faces. That’s when I get to say “Hello!” in a delightfully happy and singsongy voice. Run happy, *@#$%!

Morning, midday, evening?

I love running during the day, since it is when I have time, and I can vary my route downtown. I really hate running near dark, but I have come to enjoy evening runs around my home, and my body seems to like them (ergo, more good runs at that time of day than at lunch hour). I just don’t like not making it back by dark. We don’t have streetlights on our streets in my neighbourhood. I get worried about boogeymen, man-eating rabid bears, and drivers not seeing wee me poking along.

I won’t run outside when it’s ____________

Raining. Me wet from rain while exercising = pissed off wet cat impersonation.

Worst injury—and how you got over it.

I wore both knees out riding racehorses. This happened in the late 90’s, and since then, any time I have wanted to be active, eventually my left knee would swell to the size of a football, and hurt like HELL. My right just gets stiff and won’t move. Time away from sport, time away from riding, and simply not straining them have made them better. They ache when rain is coming, but so do my hips, shoulders, and c-section scar, so really I am just one big walking barometer. *bzzzrt – sabbymachine predicts rain imminent – bzzzrt*

I was nervous about running again, worried they would flare up, but so far, so good *hugs shoes*.

I felt most like a badass mother runner when _________

When I trail run, I feel kind of bad-ass, hopping tree roots and rocks. I also feel bad-ass doing hill sprints. *rawr* Am I allowed to feel bad-ass when I am soaked in sweat, panting like a dog, and people are staring at me? Heh… “Come over here, stranger person, let me hug you and cover you in my liquid awesome… Why are you running away? Oh, hello Officer.”

Next race is __________

September 23rd. My very first 5 k as a mother runner. I am expecting my kids to hold oversized signs, covered in glitter, proclaiming my awesomeness. I expect my husband will be covered in glitter from making said signs.

Potential running goal for 2013?

No potential goal here! It’s all confirmed, baby! Tough Mudder 2013 in Toronto is the biggie. If that goes well, I’ll do Montreal as well. Maybe some 5k’s, like the Canada Day Run in Kanata, the Spartan Sprint… Been toying with doing the Spartan Beast, but we’ll see. Give me some race ideas, folks! HABO, I want to try some new and exciting things!

*I don’t post personal pics of me up on this site. Did that on previous blogs, and learned a very hard lesson when the personal pictoral information was used to violate my family’s safety and privacy. I suppose there is enough here for someone to find me anyways, but so far, with no recognizeable pictures or real names, we’ve been ok.

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