Signed and Sealed

Reality has hit.

My money is gone.

My VISA groaned, and I hyperventilated at my desk for a few moments, absorbing the fact that I had hit the “pay” button with a shaking hand and a pounding heart.

I paid for Tough Mudder.

Now I have to do it. Now I am committed. Now, unless I break myself before May, I am doing this.


I kid you not when I say this was a full body “OhMyGod” moment when the confirmation came through. This is the biggest fitness challenge I have ever undertaken. Riding racehorses put me in the best shape of my life, but doesn’t compare to the effort I now require to complete this course. Paintball tournaments were cake walks. Running track when I was a 16 year old waif was nothing.

I now get to train for this:


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