Awesome Randomidity

I had this awesome post started yesterday on my break, and then the computer ate it. Gonzo. I was very sad, because seriously, it was really great. And I can’t remember half of it today.

So in its place is a list of some random thoughts from my run. Enjoy!

Random thoughts from Sabby’s run yesterday:

  • I had 1,432 completely brilliant ideas while running, and forgot every single one of them when my run was over.
  • It is the time of year when Honeybees get dopey. I played Dodge-The-Bees yesterday. No squishing Earth’s little soldiers!
  • Every runner I passed yesterday had a sourpuss, grumpy look on their face. So I waved and said hello like Mary-Frickin’-Sunshine. I hope it was irritating as &*@%, because I really find grumpy runners annoying. I’m picky like that.
  • There are a lot of dog people in this part of my city with frumpy, floppy sun hats.
  • I need a Handana . Nothing like having a glove-like-thingymabobber you can wipe your body sweatliquid awesome and snot on when you are running! It will also save my shirts from the dreaded “smear” and cold running gloves from having to be washed eleventy-billion times because I wipe my nose on the back as I run. Also? I am a gadget geek. This is a gadget. Ergo… *SQUEEEEEEE* (edit: Handana ordered, and sent to a US-based friend. doesn’t ship to Canada, and you can’t order direct from the company… Yet.)
  • The lip balm I forgot was in my Fuel Belt bottle pouch was the best thing ever yesterday. *ducklips*
  • I remember, in the Spring, I felt frumpy, fat, and jiggly when I ran, and it made me self-conscious. Yesterday, I felt skinny, and *grr-arrrg* strong and fit when I ran. This is the first time this has happened, and it is awesome. Seriously, seriously awesome. So awesome that I hid in my cubicle all afternoon because I didn’t want to take off my running shoes or running clothes. Awesome. And perhaps a bit stinky. But mostly awesome.

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