Gym Dilemma

I have a dilemma, and it is driving me nuts. Not certifiable nuts, of course (Already there! Nyuk-Nyuk), but in a way that causes much frustration and gnashing of teeth.

Fall is coming, and then after that is the season called winter. This is my most hated season, because I hate the cold. By hate, I do mean, pure, unadulterated venomous fury aimed directly at the season of snot, wet Kleenex, cold fingers and toes, frostbite, warming up cars and squeezing children into snowsuits they do not want to put on and thus struggle with the strength of ten men when you are attempting to thrust little legs into snowpants.

Give me a minute, I felt my blood pressure rise just imagining the oh-so-wonderful mornings we will have soon… *deep breath*… Ok.

AUGH! WINTER! *flail*

There is another reason I am not looking forward to winter, and that is being forced inside with my fitness. I am a fair weather runner. I really dislike running in the rain (wet cat kind of dislike *mrow-hiss*) and when it is super cold, the idea kind of makes me wrinkle my nose in that cute Bewitched way. So safe to say I need to find a way to combat the “nay-nay” of outside running and fitness come the cold and dark and wet.

Thus, I need to find a gym.

Now, I can join a gym near my house, but we have already established that three to four evenings a week, jettisoning myself to a gym would not be a kosher thing with the husband. He kind of did the “don’t leave me with the kids that much” googley eyes, and primly informed me that might be not ok. Truthfully, a four year old boy and an almost two year old girl with energy in the evenings would be a lot to solo-parent. I don’t blame him.

I could join a gym near work, go on my lunch. There is a problem with that though.

There isn’t one.

Oh, I could join the chain gym in the mall, which is around a 15 minute walk. It is, by far, the worst location of this chain. Busy, dirty, dungeon-like, and the staff are pestery and rude (No, for the fourth time, I do not want a personal trainer!!!) Riiiight. Hate it there. Been there. The saving grace is that I can visit other locations closer to home if I wanna. All other locations of this chain gym are nicer than the one in the mall. Seriously.

But it is the only affordable choice. The Westin is nice but a fortune, and there is some rich-person’s gym in a condo building that I am sure I have to interview for, to be able to join. Since I own very little Lululemon, and am not a skinny single girl looking for a rich husband… Well, let’s not even go there, shall we, boys and girls?


So… do I suck it up and join the crappy gym since it is close and a compromise (and Miss Piggy style karate chop the first staff member who tries to sell me sessions *hiiiieeeya*)? Do I join one driving distance away from work and adjust my workday? Do I join close to home and work out late at night once we have cajoled our darlings into slumberland? Do I say screw it and eat poutine, cheesecake, and Vosges bon-bons all winter, staying warm in my newfound fat layer, emerging come Spring with a newfound resolve, like a hibernating Mama bear?

Right. Ixnay the last one. Diabetic comas don’t sound like fun. At all. A gym is a requirement. I must be able to find a Dreadmill to run on, and perhaps some weights to push around since I wanna get all buff n’ stuff… And reach a goal of doing chin ups by Spring. Right now, this girl can’t even lift herself an inch… It is very sad.

Maybe, if so motivated, I could even try a class or two, if my co-ordination improves! (Riiiiiiight, I shall be the one falling over in the back, you’ll see!)

AUGH! WINTER! *flail*

HABO, folks, and give me some thinking points to decide. I need the help.


5 thoughts on “Gym Dilemma

  1. wordywort August 15, 2012 / 9:26 am

    I am a southern girl living in Canada. You don’t need to tell me how much winter sucks. So here are a few things I have tried/am trying.
    1) Buy a treadmill. Keep a log of how many times you use it. Say you charge $5 per run. Eventually, it will be cheaper than a year’s gym membership. But only if you use it well. I do this now with any big ticket fitness purchase, like a $100 running bra.
    2) Find a city rec center. This would not have worked when I lived in Louisiana, but here in Ottawa, there are decent (not fancy) facilities and classes. To be honest, I have tried only two – aquafit and zumba – but neither is something I could do at home or with the wrong classmates. I find seniors, not lululemon ladies, are the primary demographic. I can deal with that.
    3) RUN IN THE WINTER. This is big talk. I started running on my treadmill (see #1) last December. I started running outside last spring and now I love it. So I am desperately in search of a running group or class that starts in September. That should feel like a regular thing to me by December, and those are the folks who will tell me what to wear so that I don’t wind up dead in a snowbank.
    Good luck!

    • Sabby August 15, 2012 / 11:23 pm

      We had a beautiful treadmill, but the ceilings in our basement are too low to use it, and the floors upstairs creaked and groaned when we placed it there (Older house, creaky, not so great load bearing floors… they literally bow when my husband jumps up and down on them in places!). We sold it a year ago to some friends who love it, which made me happy. I couldn’t set an incline, or I would bump my head downstairs, and I am 5’1″! I had bought it a couple of years before as a “Congrats” gift for getting a job. It was super expensive too. Miss it.

      I do plan on running outside when I can, and I shall see how I tolerate different conditions. If I am ok, then awesome! But if I find it tricky (since sidewalks downtown Ottawa tend to be kinda icy in not oft used areas) I will stick to being inside. I do not want to demotivate myself, or risk splatting myself Babmi-like across a pathway since I have two very active children to keep up to!

      The City Rec Centres are a great idea, and we are close to a couple at home. There are absolutely none within walking distance of my work. 😦 This is a bummer, since I have to try and schedule my working out at lunch, so I can focus on being with my family at night. I am looking at the fitness classes the City puts on. Some look like fun, and not a lot of time commitment.

      I am thinking I may bite the bullet and go to the dungeon gym and suck it up. I can go to other locations and meet up with friends who have memberships, and I do have the option of going at other times that way. It makes it more flexible. I just gotta deal with a cardio area that smells like feet. 😛

  2. wordywort August 16, 2012 / 9:10 am

    Well, it sounds like you’ve thought it all through (…unless you want to look into the condo gym after all – you’d be going at lunch when the lulus are at work!) We have some of the same constraints with evening kid time and fear of “demotivating” spills on the ice (great word). But you’re braver than me, taking the gym route, so I have to try to stay motivated. And upright.

  3. Susan August 21, 2012 / 8:55 pm

    Some of the City Rec Centres also offer low cost child minding while you’re running on the treadmill or doing your aerobic workout. I’m not sure how they mark it now in online catalogue, but at one time, you could also buy a pass for a certain number of fitness childcare hours.

    If you’re downtown, what about the YMCA?

  4. Sabby August 27, 2012 / 2:24 pm

    The Y was an option we looked at, but it is nowhere close to me at work, nor is there a location close to home (closest is Merivale or Kanata) :(.

    Good Life has some locations with child minding, which I can look into when I want to go out in the evening. Perhaps take my wee girl so that my boy can have some time with toys (and Dad) that she can’t play with yet, like LEGO, or his puzzles. There are options, and ways to squish any excuse. 🙂

    I managed to score some boot camp classes in the Glebe for next to nothing ($20 for 20 sessions), to get me through to the end of November, and one or two days a week, I am adjusting my work schedule to drive up and go. Yes!

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